WPGM Interviews: Stonebwoy – Futuristic Soundscapes, Cultural Heritage And ‘5th Dimension’

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, Stonebwoy continues to push boundaries and redefine his artistry. With his latest album, 5th Dimension, the Ghanaian sensation takes listeners on a transcendent journey beyond the physical realm.

Through a captivating blend of sounds and collaborations, Stonebwoy delivers a body of thought-provoking and emotionally charged work. In an exclusive interview for We Plug Good Music, Stonebwoy shares his insights, inspirations, and aspirations behind the creation of 5th Dimension.

Stonebwoy’s vision for 5th Dimension was to bring a fresh breeze of sounds, capturing a range of emotions from love to inspiration, while embracing a futuristic soundscape.

The album has received an overwhelming response, and Stonebwoy is elated by the reception so far. He remarks, “The reception has been amazing… It’s only six weeks in, and it’s just going to get crazy and better“.

The concept of a 5th Dimension plays a pivotal role in Stonebwoy’s creative process. He emphasizes that music is not just a physical experience; it resonates on a deeper, spiritual level.

As he explains, “Music lives with us. We are music from when we’re born. Every single thing has a sound around us… That’s how powerful sound is.” This realization influenced his meditation and inspired him to create masterpieces that go beyond the physical realm.

Stonebwoy’s album features standout tracks like “Manodzi” with Angelique Kidjo, “Where Is The Love,” “Non-Stop,” “Life & Money” with Stormzy, and “Far Away.” These songs hold a special place in his heart, reflecting his personal experiences and emotions.

He elaborates further, “‘Manodzi’ says that I’ll keep on keeping on… Whereas ‘Where Is The Love’… inspires me to know that love is the ultimate. ‘Far Away’ takes you far in mind and encourages you to have a mindset of a winner.” Each song resonates with listeners, offering messages of resilience, love, and personal growth.

The Ghanaian star’s ability to curate collaborations with artists like Shaggy, Angelique Kidjo, DJ Maphorisa, Davido, Tiwa Savage, Oxlade, and Stormzy showcases his prowess as a collaborative curator.

He acknowledges their contributions to the African music ecosystem and emphasizes how their diverse styles complement his sonic and lyrical vision, adding how, “They really complement the songs… sonically, lyrically, even emotionally“.

While Stonebwoy’s award-winning work earned him recognition and love, he never felt boxed in by it. Instead, he emphasizes the need for continuous growth and expansion as an artist. “Everybody has the capacity and rights to want to think outside the box and push the envelope,” he asserts.

By embracing influences from different cultural tapestries, such as afrobeats and amapiano, Stonebwoy explores new dimensions of his sound, ensuring a constantly evolving musical landscape.

Infusing his music with elements of his native language and traditions is of utmost importance to Stonebwoy. He believes it is vital to preserve and celebrate his cultural heritage. As he puts it, “Our true identity lies in our language, our ethnicity… I always embed it in my music to promote and preserve our cultural heritage.”

Through his music, Stonebwoy aims to bridge the gap between the past and the present, creating a space where traditional and contemporary elements coexist harmoniously.

Beyond the captivating melodies and infectious beats, Stonebwoy’s music carries a more profound message of empowerment and social consciousness.

He believes in using his platform to inspire positive change in society. Stonebwoy explains, “I speak through my music. I have the ability to influence people through my music… I speak about love, I speak about unity, I speak about consciousness, I speak about peace.”

For Stonebwoy, connecting with his fans is essential to his musical journey. He deeply appreciates the support and love he receives from his fanbase.

He aims to touch their lives and create an emotional connection through his music. Stonebwoy expresses his gratitude, saying, “I appreciate the love and the support that I’ve been given from my fans… I don’t take it lightly.”

As an artist who constantly strives for growth, Stonebwoy has ambitious aspirations for the future. He envisions expanding his reach globally, collaborating with artists from different genres, and using his platform to uplift emerging talent.

Stonebwoy shares, “I’m looking forward to expanding the brand globally… So, you’re going to see more collaborations, you’re going to see more extensions… I want to put the world on notice.”

5th Dimension represents a transformative journey of music and consciousness. With his captivating blend of sounds, thought-provoking lyrics, and collaborations with renowned artists, Stonebwoy invites listeners to transcend the physical realm and explore the limitless possibilities of music.

Through his music, he promotes cultural heritage, inspires positive change, and creates a deep connection with his beloved community. As Stonebwoy continues to evolve as an artist, he sets his sights on global expansion and leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

Listen to Stonebwoy’s 5th Dimension album below and stream it everywhere else here. You can also keep tabs with Stonebwoy on Instagram and Twitter.

Written by Malibongwe Sicelo Cedric Dladla

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