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WPGM Reviews: Blake Rose Live At The Fonda Theatre (In Pictures)

Blake Rose is a 24-year old Australian singer-songwriting currently based out of LA. Blake is currently on tour opening up for Ashe, and our photographer Nick Roshardt was on hand to capture his performance on the second night of their performance at The Fonda in Los Angeles.

While Blake was opening up the show for Ashe, he seemed to have almost as many fans there as she did. Blake started his set with songs including “Rollerblades”, “Lady” and “Gone”, but he ended his set with his biggest hit so far “Lost”.

Blake Rose is a very talented performer. He performs as a one man band, similar to how Ed Sheeran performs. He plays the guitar, keyboard, and even the drums, all while utilizing a looper. As you know, he is currently on tour and his newest single “confidence” is out now.

Photography by Nick Roshardt

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