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WPGM Reviews: Bring Me The Horizon Live At Utilita Arena Birmingham (In Pictures)

It’s a given that if you go to a Bring Me The Horizon show you’re going to have a good time, there’s no room for disappointment as far as the band is concerned. It’s true when they said “[THEY] ROCKED MY WORLD” because that’s exactly what they did night after night on their UK & Ireland ‘Nex Gen’ tour.

From pyro, dancers, Eve and a live recording for the next album, not a second was wasted, and it left the crowd wanting more long after the night was over, many anticipating their festival appearances across Europe this summer and what’s next to come from the new album.

“dArkSide” paved the way with an explosive opening, followed by “Empire” and “Mantra”, a throwback we all appreciated and an unexpected ode to the band’s earlier years – a thank you to the long term fans in the crowd as well as those that have joined along the way.

Following Jordan Fish’s recent departure from the band shortly before the tour began, they received a lot of negative feedback online sadly discrediting the work they have collectively made throughout the years. There’s no denying Fish’ unreal talent and impact on the band since he joined in 2012, but there is a lot to say about the way both parties continued gracefully afterwards, succeeding on their own terms.

The ‘Nex Gen’ tour reminded everyone of the important impact each person has had on their career, no matter who has been lost or found since they began in 2008. “Doomed” brought everyone back together one last time, paying homage to the fans, family, crew, and some people we have sadly lost like Chester Bennington, who Bring Me The Horizon played a dedicated set to in honour of his memory in October 2017.

Static Dress and Cassyette opened the night with incredible sets, introducing themselves to a new community of fans and returning OGs proudly supporting them on their journey to headlining arenas of their own.

Bad Omens were third to hit the stage and it was hard to remember that they weren’t headlining themselves, with their own arena tours seemingly edging closer and closer every day. Holding the crowd in the palm of their hands, they exceeded all expectations created online thanks to their inevitable rise on social media after the huge success of their first 3 albums since 2016.

From playing only a few UK shows in smaller venues like The Dome in London and The Mill in Birmingham, the band catapulted themselves to their rightful place in some of the UK’s biggest venues, always keeping true to who they are with a stage production enhancing their performance and storytelling throughout their set. Artificial Suicide was a huge opener followed by fan favourites Like a Villain and Glass Houses.

Changing paces throughout their set, Bad Omens closed on their most demanding, fiery song Dethrone – an exciting move as it definitely lit the fuse for the rest of the night and would have been just as impressive as an opener.

They left with an even bigger impact than they came with, and with a swift return to the UK for Download in June while they take the european festival scene by storm, it will be no surprise why they have become one of the most sought after bands in the scene.

The ‘Nex Gen’ tour was more than just the gig itself with pop up shops at various cities featuring special designs and limited edition merch in Sheffield, including the earrings found on the album artwork and the classic hex necklaces. It was an immersive experience for everyone, even those who sadly couldn’t attend the gig later.

The energy from the night persisted even after the band left the stage, but that wasn’t a surprise give the sheer size of the performance from the band themselves to the theatrics and crowd engagement. Pits a few thousand wide raged from beginning to end, tears were shed to “sTrAnGeRs” and a few families introduced their children to the world they group in, welcoming the next wave to Nex Gen.

Words + photography by Kcorra Mia

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