WPGM Reviews: Caity Baser Live At Concorde 2 Brighton (In Pictures)

You know that feeling when you’ve had one too many, and then you’re in the bathroom at the club. You’ve lost your besties, and you look at yourself in the mirror, and the room just will not stop spinning?

And then, in the distance, you can hear a very recognise bop like “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls and every single person in the bathroom start screaming it at the top of their lungs, dancing round, and like that, you’ve just made like ten new besties, and it’s truly a pure moment of happiness.

That is the best way I can describe Caity Baser’s first night on tour in Brighton at the Concorde 2. It was the opening night, and it was sold out. The energy of the support Micheal Aldag was a perfect match. Not only for Caity’s sound and energy it allowed the crowd to “warm up”.

Caity has real fans come first mentality; this can be seen by the choice of venue. She definitely could have been in a larger venue like Brighton’s Chalk, for example. But by going with a slightly smaller venue, it supported the venue and kept ticket prices more affordable for fans.

There are tickets still available for a few of her shows a little later on, If you want a fun night out and some great music, I cannot recommend enough going to Caity shows. I do think that next time we will see her, she will have to play these larger venues, and they will be completely sold out.

Words + photography by Cyndee Brook

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