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WPGM Reviews: Girl In Red Live At Eventim Apollo (In Pictures)

Girl In Red’s live performance at the Eventim Apollo was nothing short of spectacular, with the Norwegian singer-songwriter delivering an unforgettable show that had the entire crowd jumping and dancing from start to finish.

The setlist kicked off with the explosive “You Stupid Bxtch”, from her debut album “If I Could Make It Go Quiet”, which immediately set the tone for the high-energy performance to come.

The track’s driving beats and infectious chorus had the audience on their feet and singing along, with Girl in Red’s passionate delivery and relatable lyrics drawing the crowd in even closer. It was a stunning start to the show and one that perfectly showcased the raw power and energy that Girl In Red brings to her music.

As the set progressed, Girl In Red continued to captivate the audience with her electrifying stage presence and soaring vocals. Tracks like “Midnight Love” had the crowd swaying and singing along, while slower, more introspective songs like “Did You Come?” allowed for moments of emotional connection.

One standout moment from the show was when Girl In Red performed “Serotonin,” a fan-favorite track exploring mental health’s complexities. As she poured her heart out on stage, it was clear that she was speaking to the struggles and experiences of so many in the audience. The energy in the room was palpable as everyone came together to support each other through the powerful performance.

But it was the closing track, “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend,” one of Girl in Red’s most beloved tracks, that truly brought the house down. It had the entire crowd singing along at the top of their lungs, with the artist herself beaming with joy as she watched her fans dance and sway to the beat.

Girl In Red’s performance at the Eventim Apollo was a night to remember, with the artist delivering a show that was exhilarating and moving. From the explosive opener to the infectious finale, her ability to connect with her fans was evident as they sang along to every song, creating an electric atmosphere that could only be felt at a live concert.

Words + photography by Stefania Mohottige

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