WPGM Reviews: Joji Live At MTELUS (In Pictures)

Joji, the Japanese-Australian singer, delivered an electrifying performance at MTELUS in Montreal (Canada). Joji stopped in Montreal in promotion of his upcoming album, Smithereens.

The 30-year-old performed in front of a packed crowd his hits songs like “Glimpse of Us,” “Yeah Right,” and “Slow Dancing in the Dark.” Known for his prankster personality, Joji didn’t shy away as he joked throughout the night with the DJ SavageRealm.

Throughout the set, Joji interacted with the crowd by giving away free t-shirts, bringing a Mcdonald’s takeout on stage, and inviting an Elvis Presley impersonator on stage. In addition, Joji played a mix of songs from his album Ballads 1, Nectar, and popular unreleased songs from SoundCloud.

Before launching into the music industry, Joji was a popular Youtube creator under the persona ‘Pink Guy’ and ‘Filthy Frank’. He would regularly upload comedy skits and vlogs. Miller gained attention when he uploaded a video of him dancing in a pink suit to the Harlem Shake, which eventually became a massive success with millions of people watching and recreating it.

He built a massive following with more than seven million subscribers on his channel. In 2017, Miller announced he was quitting YouTube and pursuing a music career under the stage name Joji. Since then, the singer has released two studio albums. Joji is expected to release his third album titled Smithereens next month.

Words + Photography by Emily Zhang

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