WPGM Reviews: Lizzy McAlpine Live At The Troubadour (In Pictures)

Lizzy McAlpine! Where do we begin, Lizzy is a very underrated talent in the music industry. Lizzy performed at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on October 4, as she was preparing for her European tour.

The European tour began on November 14th, and goes through Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands and Germany. If she is coming to a venue near you, check her out because it will be a good show.

A quick review of Lizzy McAlpine’s show is that it was very good. Lizzy’s performance mainly consisted of songs from her newest album Five Seconds Flat. She also brought out musician Jacob Collier and superstar John Mayer to perform their song “Never Gonna Be Alone”. Bringing out Jacob Collier and John Mayer may sound like that highlight of the show, but Lizzy truly performed a great show from front to back.

She was able to captivate the crowd with her music with her amazing vocal control and stage presence. Personally, I think this was one of the better concerts I have been to this year. There was a real connection between Lizzy and the crowd, and it truly felt like a safe place. Lizzy is a real artist and her future is bright in this industry.

Words + Photography by Nickolas Roshardt

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