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WPGM Reviews: Melanie Martinez Live At OVO Arena Wembley (In Pictures)

In a mesmerizing spectacle at the OVO Arena Wembley, Melanie Martinez transported her audience into an enchanting realm with her live performance, showcasing the ethereal world depicted in her latest release, Portals.

As the lights dimmed, a hushed excitement swept through the crowd, met with a hauntingly beautiful candle projection on the screen. A soft voice whispered, “Wanna know a secret?” setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Martinez graced the stage in a nymph-fairy-like costume, a manifestation of the fantastical universe she has crafted in Portals. The sold-out arena resembled a gathering of devotees, adorned in costumes that mirrored the singer’s Portals character, complete with fairy wings and flamboyant makeup. From the onset, it was clear that this wasn’t just a concert; it was an immersive journey into Martinez’s artistic universe.

The performance unfolded as a spellbinding piece of performance art, featuring a full band, dancers, and captivating visuals that immersed the audience in the singer’s creative vision. Martinez’s latest album, Portals, serves as the concluding chapter in her trilogy of records exploring themes of death, afterlife, and rebirth.

The dancers, moving with purpose, wove a narrative through their emotive choreography, with Martinez serving as the serenading guide to the audience’s journey. The stage visuals evolved dynamically, projecting the vivid imagery sung in each song, providing a visual feast for the enraptured crowd. The fans, in perfect harmony, sang along to every lyric, transforming the arena into a space of collective catharsis.

The setlist, exclusively drawn from Portals, showcased the depth and versatility of Martinez’s latest work. From the haunting “Faerie Soirée” to the hypnotic “Moon Cycle,” each song contributed to the overall narrative, making for a seamless and immersive experience. The encore, featuring “Powder,” “Pluto,” and “Milk of the Siren,” served as a fitting conclusion to a night of artistic transcendence.

Melanie Martinez solidified herself as a true visionary. The show was not merely a concert; it was a journey into self-reflection and release, leaving the audience spellbound and undoubtedly. The OVO Wembley Arena became a portal into Martinez’s imagination, and the journey was nothing short of magical.

Words + Photography by Stefania Mohotigge

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