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WPGM Review: Chance Peña Live At Scala (In Pictures)

Emerging talent Chance Peña brought his captivating ‘I am not who I was’ tour to London, gracing the stage of the Scala for a sold-out performance. Witnessing this rising star headline his own show in such an intimate venue was a thrill, especially for those who, like me, had seen him open for David Kushner just last year.

From the instant Peña stepped into the spotlight, the atmosphere transformed. His mere presence commanded attention, heralding the start of an unforgettable night. With each note he sang, the audience embarked on a musical journey, every song striking a chord deep within.

The crowd was enraptured, displaying a mix of calmness, admiration, and unwavering support. The Scala, with its iconic atmosphere, provided the perfect venue for this intimate exchange between artist and audience. Chance Peña opened his set with well-known hits like “Bleeding Out” and “War” that stirred powerful emotions.

The setlist was carefully crafted to showcase his evolving artistry from singles released in 2017 like “Hey Lovely” to songs from his latest EP Lovers to Strangers and also introduced a new unreleased song titled “Montana.”

As the lights dimmed, the pinnacle of the evening arrived as Peña closed his set with “I Am Not Who I Was,” a soul-stirring anthem that left the crowd spellbound. His introspective lyrics, coupled with his heartfelt delivery, cast a spell of enchantment over the room.

Throughout the performance, Chance’s connection with his fans was palpable. His genuine interactions and down-to-earth demeanor fostered a sense of closeness. It was evident that he wasn’t simply there to entertain; he was there to share a piece of his soul with each and every person present

Words + photography Stefania Mohottige

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