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WPGM Reviews: Rachel Chinouriri Live At KOKO (In Pictures)

Rising indie sensation Rachel Chinouriri graced the iconic stage of KOKO in London for a highly anticipated sold out performance. Her debut album, What a Devastating Turn Of Events, set to be released on May 3rd, will showcase even more of her versatility as an artist. With her powerful and captivating vocals, Rachel delivered a memorable and exciting night for everyone who was fortunate to witness the magic.

The venue buzzed with excitement as fans eagerly filled the spaces around the venue, from the front of the stage, all the way to the upper balcony. The atmosphere was electric. Looking around and seeing smiles all around from her dedicated fanbase, plus signs and flags for Rachel to see, this was set to be an unforgettable night of music.

As the lights went down, cheers and applause were heard around the room. Before the screen was dropped to reveal Rachel, her band and the set design, her name illuminated at the top of the stage and a silhouette of Rachel behind the screen. The wait was finally over as the screen dropped before kicking the set off with “Garden of Eden”. As she looked amongst the sea of people who attended the show, a huge smile lit up on her face and the crowd cheered.

Every song, from “The Hills”, “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Trying) and “Ribs”, were delivered with raw emotion that resonated with the listeners, drawing them in with every lyric filled with authenticity and vulnerability. Accompanied by her talented band, everyone on stage contributed to a mezmerising set, showcasing her impressive vocal range and lyricism.

Rachel treated fans to a varied setlist that spanned her discography, featuring favourites including “So My Darling” and “My Blood”. Delivering each song with precision, and seeing both smiles and tears from the audience is a testament to her song writing capability and her genuine authentic self.

The reaction from the crowd as she was performing, to when she interacted with her fans was nothing short of exciting. The whole room was not shy to shower her with cheer and applause every chance they could get. This was a massive moment for Rachel and that never went unnoticed.

Forming a strong connection with her audience, the show was turned into a shared experience filled with joy. With dynamic lighting, high sound production and visually aesthetically stage setup, this enhanced the overall experience even more.

Hit after hit, the audience took in every moment when Rachel was on stage. Nearing the end of the set, she took a seat at the edge of the stage to speak directly to everyone in the room. Sharing her appreciation and gratitude for all her fans have done for her and their support made her emotional.

As she was speaking to the audience, her fans in the crowd all held up signs from a personal project they made especially for Rachel which brought her to tears. It served as a reminder the impact her music has already had on people and the connections that have been made through it.

Rachel Chinouriri’s performance was a night filled with emotions, talent, and overall authenticity, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who was there to witness this career highlight so far.

She proves to be a strong force in the indie music scene, by challenging existing stereotypes and broaden the representation within the music industry. A night at KOKO reminded everyone of why they fell in love with Rachel’s music in the first place.

Word and photography by Sarah Akomanyi

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