WPGM Reviews: Slam Dunk Festival 2023 (In Pictures)

And festival season is underway with Slam Dunk 2023. With it being the first time the festival had sold out at both sites, Hatfield and Leeds, this was the weekend to celebrate all things pop punk and alternative on a sunny May bank holiday weekend.

For both fans and artists including Escape The Fate, The Hunna, the return of Kids In Glass Houses and headliners Enter Shikari, Slam Dunk were ready to kick festival season off and definitely make it one to remember.

We Plug Good Music attended the first of the two dates, Hatfield, and here is a run down of bands we saw at Slam Dunk 2023.


This is the way to kick Slam Dunk 2023 off. ZAND’s stage presence and confidence as they took to the stage said it all. Captivating the crowd’s attention from the very start, ZAND brought a refreshing take on pop music, coining the genre bending “ugly pop”.

With powerful vocals for tracks including “Slut Money”, and “Boys Like U”, and angst, it was refreshing to see an artist like ZAND not holding back. Cheers from the crowd erupted as they made their way through the setlist and being one of the first artists to open up this year’s Slam Dunk Festival, this reaction was deserved.

Escape The Fate (Q&A Session)

With hosts Yasmine Summan, Sophie K and Tori Kravitz, Escape The Fate kicked off the first of many Q&A sessions that ran throughout the day with other bands including Creeper, Boston Manor and ZAND.

Hosted by Tori Kravitz, fans gathered around the tent to hear the band answer questions surrounding new music, playing at Slam Dunk, and all things Escape The Fate.

They even learnt the correct way to wave here in the UK! Something different aside from music, it was fun for fans and passers by to get involved in, and it bridged the gap between fans and artists. At the end of the session, fans were able to meet the band which was a wholesome moment.

Maggie Lindemann

Things have been non-stop for Maggie Lindemann, as she graced the UK with her presence on a headline tour in May and then soon followed with an appearance at Slam Dunk festival.

Her energy was infectious the moment she took to the stage. She was greeted with a loud round of applause and cheers which she deserved. Being up on stage is evidently what Maggie Lindemann was born to do.

The crowd were loving every second of her set. With songs including self sabotage and Knife Under My Pillow, there’s no surprise that these infectious tracks translated so well throughout the crowd.

Escape The Fate

Hit after hit were performed by Escape The Fate as they graced the crowd with one of the best sets on the entire festival. The musicianship from every member was incredible.

It was evident that everyone was there to witness Escape The Fate as they were having the best time while screaming back lyrics to songs including “Issues”, “Ashley” and “One For The Money”.

The fans were treated to songs from a mixture of the band’s albums over the years so there was something for everyone to enjoy. They put on an unforgettable performance and it proves that Escape The Fate are still one of the best bands in the scene.


This was a very fun set from Travis Mills and Nick Gross, aka girlfriends. With heavy pop punk influences, watching their set felt similar to artists such as All Time Low and Blink 182, in terms of the energy and sound.

A varied setlist was able to show off the band’s musical ability and show the UK what girlfriends are all about. Both Mills and Gross seemed to be having a fun time on stage, as they looked upon the crowd of people who took the time to see what girlfriends had to offer at Slam Dunk Festival.

The Hunna

A band that was not to be missed were The Hunna. They knew how to put on a memorable performance, one filled with crowd interaction, and a setlist consisting of crowd pleasing anthems such as “Bonfire”, “Apologise” and “I Don’t Like You, Okay”, where they brought out singer Kelsey Karter.

She managed to match their excitement which was refreshing to see. The atmosphere for the set remained in high spirits. They brought the energy with their punk, pop and rock influences that remained throughout.

They commanded the entire stage with heavy baselines and guitar riffs, paired with strong vocals. What more could we ask for from The Hunna? A strong performance that was definitely a highlight of the festival this year.


Everything felt seamless as Grayscale powered their way through their set. An electric performance brought to life through their stage presence and dynamic ability to captivate the audience.

Tracks including “Babylon (Say It to My Face)” and “Let It Rain”, went down well with the crowd as they danced and sang along to the infectious songs. Grayscale knew how to deliver and kept the crowd in the palm of their hands till the very end.

Their energetic sound and their relatable lyrics surrounding the struggles of life works to create an experience for the listener. Staring into the crowd in unison, it was evident that Grayscale were proud of their performance and so were their fans.


Greeting with excitement and cheers, LØLØ was ready to make an entrance and play an energetic and passionate set for the people of Slam Dunk. Her stage presence was contagious, which translated to the crowd and the atmosphere was great throughout her set.

With a setlist consisting of catchy tracks including “u turn me on (but u give me depression)” and “5,6,7,8”, LØLØ and her band gave it their all. She was confident from the very start and it was something that didn’t go unnoticed as she put on a performance to be proud of.

Kids In Glass Houses

The anticipation for the return of Kids In Glass Houses was finally over. After nine years, the atmosphere was ecstatic surrounding the Amazon Rock Stage as the band took their place and was greeted with a deserved round of applause and cheers.

Their performance at Slam Dunk marked a 15 year anniversary of their album, Smart Casual. Playing hit after hit, including “Matters At All” and “Saturday”, the reaction of the crowd said it all.

It felt like they had never left and the energy was unmatched. With the crowd singing back every word and the smiles beaming on the faces of the band, it was good to have Kids In Glass Houses back where they belonged.

Scene Queen

We caught an enjoyable set delivered from Scene Queen. Filled with energy, strong stage presence and the ability to gain the attention of the crowd from the very start, it wasn’t a surprise to see fans captivated by the performance.

Her enthusiasm could be felt throughout which was one factor to keep the crowd on the same level as she was. Scene Queen uses her voice to address challenges for women and break the gender stereotype. Crowd interaction was a big part of the set, and this showed the level of appreciation Scene Queen had for her fans.

Enter Shikari

What better way to bring the eventful day of live music and all around great atmosphere to a close was with the powerhouses that is Enter Shikari. As always, they know how to put on a show. The anticipation before they took to the stage was felt around throughout the entire field.

As fans took their position to witness Enter Shikari in full force, when the wait was over, they did not disappoint. From start to finish, the visuals were captivating.

From lasers, to fireworks, Shikari had everyone in the palm of their hands. The relationship between each member on stage did not go unnoticed, as their energy fed off one another and into the crowd too.

Performing tracks including “The Last Garrison”, “The Void Stares Back” with WARGASM, and “Labyrinth”, the setlist was a perfect mixture of older and new songs, showcasing the talent this band possesses and how they continue to grow throughout the years.

Enter Shikari, were the perfect band to headline the Amazon Rock Scene Stage and leave a lasting impression on everyone who witnessed their set.

Words + photography by Sarah Akomanyi

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