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WPGM Reviews: Nessa Barrett Live At Heaven (In Pictures)

London’s nightlife was set ablaze as Nessa Barrett, the rising star with an undeniable aura, graced the stage of the iconic nightclub Heaven for her second sold-out show in the city. Following her recent triumphs, including her unforgettable UK debut, the anticipation for Nessa’s performance was palpable.

Once again, she delivered a mesmerizing spectacle that left fans spellbound, captivating them with her powerful vocals, captivating stage presence, and a setlist that resonated with her dedicated following.

From the moment Nessa stepped foot on stage, the atmosphere was electric. The night kicked off with the explosive energy of “Madhouse,” setting the tone for the evening.

Fans were treated to a diverse range of Nessa’s enthralling tracks, including the emotionally charged “Too Hot To Cry” and the introspective “Talk To Myself.” Each song brought a unique element, further showcasing the depth and versatility of Nessa’s musical talent.

The introspective “Noose” and the raw energy of “Dying On The Inside” brought out the raw vulnerability that Nessa is known for, captivating every soul in the venue.

The intensity continued to rise with crowd favorites like “Bang Bang!” always met with thunderous applause and an overwhelming sense of unity among the fans. Nessa took her time to interact with her dedicated fans including collecting gifts like cowboy hats.

Each time she crouched at the edge of the stage, poised to serenade her adoring fans, she was met with a wave of exhilarated screams accompanied by the resounding echo of her own lyrics sung back to her.

Throughout the entire show, a sea of white roses held high by the crowd added a poignant and heartfelt touch to the evening. As the sea of white roses continued to sway in the air, it was evident that Nessa Barrett has cemented her place as a rising star.

Words + photography by Stefania Mohottige

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