WPGM Reviews: Slayyyter Live At O2 Forum Kentish Town (In Pictures)

Slayyyter performs in London's O2 Kentish Town Forum on the last stop of her European Tour

Slayyyter embodies the persona of a celebrity-obsessed “STARF**KER” as she walks onto the O2 Forum Kentish Town stage in a larger-than-life faux-fur jacket with the presence of a Golden Era Hollywood starlet. Her show on Saturday, 17th February, was a potent journey through celebrity culture, playing both protagonist and antagonist as she brought her Club Valentine tour to a close.

Slayyyter burst on the scene in 2019 on the back of the single “Mine,” a bounce club track released on Valentine’s Day. Her sophomore debut album, STARF**KER, at the end of 2023 to much critical acclaim. Lauded by Interview Mag for how it “deftly explores the many sides of Hollywood,” STARF**KER presents contrasting visions of Hollywood – the glitzy dreams are presented next to a nightmarish spectre.

Her show presented all of this in neon-tinted clarity for a show that sometimes felt bigger than the ninety-year-old venue Slayyyter was performing in.

Throughout the ninety-minute performance, Slayyyter controlled the packed venue like a conductor, seemingly determining their every movement. Moments of non-stop jumping would be followed by calm as she sang more introspective songs. Her cover of Shirley Bassey’s “Diamonds Are Forever” was beautifully restrained.

Slayyyter opted against a hyperpop remix for something that felt sonically at odds with the rest of the show but never felt out of place, like an interlude to express the themes of Hollywood excess central to much of her music.

When the crowd got hyped, however, the atmosphere was electric. At one point, while Slayyyter was performing the aggressive electro “Plastic”, an audience member threw their silicone cup onstage – much to the alarm of security and amusement of Slayyyter.

By the end of Slayyyter’s show, I felt spiritually refreshed yet intellectually challenged in a way that left me wanting more. I probably still would have wanted more if the show had gone on another hour. Slayyyter is a pop-act who appears to be on a super sharp trajectory to great things and I am excited to see where the journey takes us next!

Words + photography by Robert Alleyne

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