WPGM Reviews: STONE Live At The Castle & Falcon

A breath of fresh air, contagious energy and true musicianship from STONE as they graced The Castle and Falcon in Birmingham. Selling out the 400 capacity room with the help of their adoring fans, they couldn’t get any closer. As a promising band who will undoubtedly make a name for themselves in the industry, coining this night as a sweaty, energetic and memorable moment for all involved.

The anticipation was felt throughout the room, as spirits were high from every single person that filled the venue. From the whispers of people in the crowd of what songs STONE will perform, to people from the back making their way to the front to try and get a better view, the wait was finally over.

Filled with energy, excitement and enthusiasm, STONE were ready to show the people of Birmingham what they are made of. Opening the show with “I Let Go” just proved that these high tempo tracks proved to be a winner especially with a band full of energy like STONE who kept it consistent throughout.

Powering through the setlist with frenzied fuelled “Fuse” and “Money (Hope Ain’t Gone)”, the band gave it their all. The crowd matched the band’s ecstatic energy and gave as good as they got. There was no sign of slowing down.

Every track was followed by loud cheers and screams. The love didn’t go unnoticed by the band, as they looked out towards the crowd, the very people that made the show what it was for their very first headline tour. If “You Wanna” provided a heavier sound to the hook.

With “Save Yourself” being a lot slower and stripped back, the crowd hung on to every single word. It wasn’t long until the energy was brought back up again as everyone went wild causing a little mosh pit in the center of the room. The excitement took over as the roars and cheers overpowered the band on stage. It felt like one giant karaoke night.

A stand out moment was the response that sent waves around the room when “Waste” was performed. If the show wasn’t intimate enough, lead singer Fin Power made his way to the middle of the room for a chance to get in amongst the crowd to experience what they were witnessing from the stage. Birmingham did not hold back in the last few minutes and neither did STONE.

In high spirits, the band took some time to show their appreciation to everyone who took the time out of their day to see them perform. Smiles beamed on each members’ face as they turned to look at one another.

Closing the set with nothing less than the punchy, and energetic “Moto” and “Leave It Out”, there was nothing left but to leave the room with the energy felt throughout their set.

STONE know how to put on a memorable show, and one to be proud of as they’ll continue to provide their fans with fun and high energy shows as well as crowd pleasing songs. There’s no stopping STONE.

Words by Sarah Akomanyi

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