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WPGM Commentary: Kristen Knight Is Ending The Cycle Of Toxic Relationships On ‘B2U’

Hi I’m Kristen Knight and my new single B2U is abbreviated because “Back To You” seemed like a really long title and I thought it looked cooler.

Around the beginning of the pandemic, I started producing a lot of music. It was all experimental. Ideas upon ideas of just sounds and loops anything from pop to electronic.

“B2U” was born during that era of music production and writing where I just wanted to try and do something I had never done before. It’s not your typical pop song though, there are some lyrics that twist and turn in your mind. I wanted to be clever yet cut into what having a toxic partner was like with a knife.

“B2U” is bubbly but it’s dark. As I was writing it, I loved blending the two energies together of dark humor and rainbow sprinkles.

Most of my 20s were filled with toxic relationships. Constantly learning about who I was and what I accepted from men and relationships, I met my fair share of crappy relationships. Let’s face it, most of us go through it. I was a south beach showgirl while also working on music and I unfortunately met one toxic relationship after another.

Often controlling and sometimes abusive, I let men walk all over me. After all that, I find it absolutely hilarious. So “B2U” was born. My godless exes with god complexes, sharp tongues used as weapons to cut me down, parasitic behavior crawling into my mind, controlling and annoying.

But it never fails even after all that torture, I still went looking for more relationships and yes love. My heart never gave up. But this song is called “Back To You” and yet it’s not about going back to someone at all, but then still going back to them… exhausting isn’t it. Ah the toxic cycle of crappy relationships is fun right?

When I originally was thinking about the music video concept for “B2U”, I wanted something that really honored that time in my life with costuming and the glitz and glamour that also touched on the gloom of what was my love life.

So Damien, Roger, and I all sat down and put the ideas I had together and wrote a treatment. More of a fantasy as we say in show business the show must go on even if you happen to be covered in blood battling your own toxic cycles.

In the music video, I’m dragging a body wrapped in trash bags that I made up of pillows and blankets. In Quinten Tarantino styling, I’m covered in blood with a katana walking down a railroad track this video isn’t really about murder. It’s about ending the toxic cycles in myself so I could grow. Basically the old me is dead and the show must go on.

Flashing back and forth between present and past, Damien really brought my vision to life. The optimism of the lyrics “I know I’ll do better next time” coincides with my relationships and my internal dialogue of growth and hope.

Some of the most wonderful ideas really come from catastrophic moments. Only a seed can grow from the darkest of places and I like to think that’s one of the many wonders of life. That is “B2U“.

Watch the video for “B2U” below and stream it everywhere else here.

Words by Kristen Knight // Follow her on Instagram + Facebook

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