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WPGM Reviews: Trust Fund Live At The Boileroom

trust fund
Saturday, November 14 saw Trust Fund, with support from Dog and Alimony Hustle, take on The Boileroom in Guilford, for their headline show, presented by ODYXXEY. Kicking off the night, Devon three-piece band Dog manages to catch the zeitgeist of the present youth very well with their nonchalant vocalist, singing truths of heartbreak, drinking and general troubles in life.

Guitar riffs reminiscent of psych-pop bands such as Beach Baby and down-beat drums tied romanticised angst and indie hooks all together in tunes such as “Too Young To Be So Bitter” and “Cause Everybody’s So Cool”. With relatable lyrics and such a blasé style, this band are one to watch, and for fans of Beach Baby, Oscar and Kid Wave.

Playful pair from Bristol, Alimony Hustle, consisting of Matt and Leah, are currently touring with Trust Fund, and came to Guildford for the first time for this gig. Alimony Hustle are definitely not your bog-standard duo act. Their heavy indie riffs and powerful drumming are accompanied by strong unapologetic vocals of Leah. The crowd were drawn in instantly with an abundance of audience interaction from Leah and Matt.

Part way through the set, the duo treated the crowd to covers of two very different, but much-loved tracks. First was Blink 182’s “Stay Together For The Kids”, dedicated to Dan, a member of tonight’s headliners Trust Fund. The duo’s rendition mixed the same nostalgic skate punk riffs with their own take on vocals, which were greatly received from the crowd. We then heard an acapella performance of the opening lyrics to One Direction’s “Night Changes”, which then exploded into the grunge-pop sounds that this group really excel in delivering. You could never get a dull set with this fresh, fun loving duo, who come recommended if you like Boyracer and The Get Up Kids,

After Dog and Alimony Hustle, it was finally time for our much-anticipated headliners to grace the stage to finish what was already a great gig. Trust Fund, from Bristol, are a perfect example of a rare, actually ‘good’ band to emerge out of the influx of seemingly monotonous indie-pop bands that are coming onto the music scene. It was apparent just how pleasantly surprised this band are by their increasingly loyal following from the members’ reaction to the crowd singing along to tracks such as “Seems Unfair” and “Dreams” from their new album Seems Unfair.

What makes this band stand out from an ever-growing crowd of indie bands is not their style but the intimacy of their gigs. Ellis Jones manages to write relevant lyrics about young love, fear and anxiety, while presenting them with a backdrop of cheerful melodies, creating melancholic tunes that leave the crowd with hopeful vibes. This is emphasised by Jones’s distinctive voice, his charming tender vocals were perfectly demonstrated in tracks such as “IDK”. Similarly to Alvvays, this voice leaves a long-lasting impression on the crowd that ensures you’ll be back for more.

This band managed to bring members of the crowd together with their friendly interactions and heart-warming, alternative jams to create a perfect ending to a successful evening of showcasing the best of British Indie bands. It’s up to the up and coming promoters such as ODYXXEY to continue to make this happen. Definitely check out more of Trust Fund if you are a fan of Crushed Beaks, Hooton Tennis Club or Alvvays. Purchase Trust Fund’s Seems Unfair album here.

Words by Stephanie Baker

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