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Best New Music: Joshua KYEOT – Still [WPGM Premiere]

Introducing the Soul singer and musician Joshua KYEOT and the new visual for his latest solo track “Still”, which is premiering here on We Plug Good Music. We are excited to be sharing the first look of the brand new music video.

“Still” draws liberally from a variety of musical traditions. It is to be classified as Soul and contains a hint of Jazz as well. KYEOT comes easily under the category of Soul singers including Jacob Banks, John Legend and Samm Henshaw while his songwriting reminds us of the intricate work of artists such as Paramore.

The instrumentation accompanies smoothly with KYEOT’s achingly soulful and despondent vocals. “I know it’s sad but this much is true… that I’m STILL in love with you”, the musician sings.

The visual allows the viewers to dive into the mind of a heartbroken man who is helplessly trapped in a time loop where he continuously relives the bad moments with his ex-partner. The video begins with a typical day in the life of the rising singer/songwriter.

Joshua engages in fun activities with his current girlfriend when he is mentally transported to a similar moment in the past, but with his ex. This deja vu keeps occurring each time he spends with his girlfriend. It becomes clear that Joshua is nervous about moving on and automatically relives the hardships from his previous broken relationship until he finally lets it all out on stage.

Speaking to WPGM, KYEOT revealed his intentions for this music video. He conveys a powerful message: “‘Still’ is about knowing that you deserve better for yourself and even though you may be pursuing better it can be damn near impossible to relish in your improved life. The person who hurt you is what you wanted and what you still want”.

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Words by Pia Subramaniam

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