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Best New Music: Lil Silva – Mabel

Lil Silva, real name TJ Carter, a 24-year old inventive and ever evolving DJ and producer has just premiered the brand new video for his latest single and title track off of his forthcoming EP Mabel on Dazed Digital. The subdued and suburban new video was directed by Laura Coulson and is a delicate form of respect to Silva’s grandmother Mabel, of whom the song is about.

The new track is so exquisitely produced and Silva’s voice is such a beautiful compliment to the intricate design of the song, of which immediately grabs your attention for its warm rhythm and fluid hook, which is a real transition from the old Lil Silva, from whom we might have became expectant of weighty thuds and funky beats. “Mabel” still has an essence of the old Silva, showing that he still knows where he started from, echoing through images of his old sound, but with the fluid R&B hooks and the beautiful melodies throughout, it is clear Silva knows where he wants to go.

To be released via Good Years, the Mabel EP showcases how the young British producer has developed and upped his game as a songwriter and as a vocalist, with two tracks off the EP also featuring singer-songwriter BANKS. The title track is a true testament to this development with Silva’s voice sincerely holding its own against his sharp and edgy productions, so there is no shock as to why BANKS wanted to jump on two of his tracks.

“Mabel” is a beautiful artistic creation and you almost witness Silva unfold into this new and better than ever artist right before your eyes, and with this record so elegant and finely produced, it is clear there is no stopping the evolution and growth of Silva this year, and no valid reason as to why any one would want to anyway. The EP is on sale in the UK on the 4th of August and is sure to be a real exciting and future look of where Lil Silva is heading, with such a dynamic transition from past to present, his own unique and distinct sound, and now clearly apparent vocal excellence, there is surely nothing but bright things ahead for Silva.

Words by Kerrie Lobb // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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