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Best New Music: Nina Luna – Betrayed [WPGM Premiere]

Introducing the talented NYC-based pop singer, songwriter, recorder and producer Nina Luna and her brand new song “Betrayed”, written, recorded and mixed by the artist herself and mastered by Rob Genadek. The track is premiering here on We Plug Good Music before it is released tomorrow, January 18, and we are very excited to be sharing this amazing piece of art.

“Betrayed” is a perfect combination of the smooth and mystical instrumentation and Nina’s beautifully mesmerising vocals. The music brings out a dreamy expression of the inner emotions, allowing the listener to immediately sink into the world of the singer.

The pop song contains a signature ethereal and even cinematic character that we can easily identify with. The lyrical content is all about self-growth and evolving to become a better person while learning from past experiences.

Nina has shared with us her inspiration behind “Betrayed”: “At the time I wrote this song, I was still carrying around resentment, guilt, blame and hurt having to do with past relationships. I realised that in order to finally be rid of that weight, I needed to face it and process it and feel it.

“‘Betrayed’ is about me freeing myself of this victim mentality and coming into a wiser, more mature and open self. I wrote, recorded, produced and mixed the song myself and I’m quite proud of it”.

The rising artist had begun to express her many talents at a very young age. She started taking piano and guitar lessons but her greatest passion remained singing. She began to write and create more and more songs throughout the years.

However, she struggled to find the right producer who understood her vision. Therefore, she taught herself how to record and produce tracks. And in the summer after graduating from NYU, Nina had released a 4-track EP which was received with great appreciation for her talent by friends and fans.

Nina continued to work hard in order achieve her goals and in January, 2017, she had produced, alongside LA producer Cataline and released her hit single “Blaze” on Spotify’s official Weekly Buzz playlist which achieved over 80k streams on this platform alone.

Ever since this major success, the singer has been putting out a number of singles, many inspired by the folk, R&B and pop genres. In “Betrayed” Nina proves us how much has evolved as an artist, a musician and a woman.

Nina is set to release a handful of singles and visuals over the next 6 months. Moreover, she is planning UK and Europe tour dates for later in the year. We are very much looking forward to see what the rising pop singer has in store for us in the near future.

But until then we can sink into the world of Nina and her beautiful song “Betrayed”.

Keep Tabs on Nina Luna: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

Words by Pia Subramaniam

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