WPGM Commentary: WurlD On His New EP ‘AFROSOUL’ – Track By Track

Hi, My name is WurlD, a singer/songwriter from Nigeria. I just put out a project called AFROSOUL. The record is a fusion of afrobeat and electronic/soul vibes, it’s a project that further defines my unique sound and ability to connect with my fans in vast regions.

I have put together a breakdown of each song, and I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me.

“National Anthem (Growing Wings)”

This was inspired by the idea of survival, waking up in the morning and finding strength to make it through the day regardless of the adversities and obstacles in the way. This is the new national anthem.

Inspired by being African and having a Nigerian mother that believes in prayers, I decided to make something that inspires and motivates people, something that makes them believe they can achieve anything. I wanted to keep it spiritual. Highlife rhythm mixed with afrobeat.

It’s like when you are in church, I made it to make people dance, while being uplifted. Growing wings serves the same purpose of uplifting, the choice is just more alternative in the approach. It makes people find their purpose.

“Ghost Town”

“Ghost Town” is a state of mind, this track was inspired by the idea of waking up every morning and being your best. Knowing that all the glories of yesterday doesn’t matter today until you show up and perform your best.

It’s a state of mind where you have everything in the world, and if you lose those things the people who used to celebrate you won’t be there anymore. Success brings people together, when it isn’t there people drift away.

It’s a state of mind I don’t want to be in, that’s why I mentioned “you have to hit the bull’s eye or you end up in a ghost town”. But in all reality we are in this world to make it on our own or else we end up in a ghost town.

“Love Nobody”

This is a very straightforward song. I wanted to highlight the idea of monogamy between 2 people who decide to share love amongst themselves and with nobody else.


This is a love story. It was inspired by the idea of taking someone else’s love for granted and wanting it back the minute they decide to walk away. You find yourself lonely and realize you need that love, attention, and focus more than you thought you ever did.

“Wayo (Kpe Le Wu)”

This is about looking for confirmation from a lover. Wanting to know that all the efforts you are putting in is not in vain. You’re trying to make sure this person isn’t doing you ‘WAYO’ in other words, “playing with your emotions”.

“Can’t Come Outside”

This was the last song I recorded on Afrosoul. I recorded it during quarantine in Lagos. It was inspired by the idea of having issues with your significant other during lockdown, and you guys can’t see each other physically to fix these problems.

You are both living alone with a lot of emotions knowing you ‘can’t come outside’ to do the necessary things like showing up with flowers, going on a date, or doing anything physically possible to fix the relationship. All we have is phone calls and text messages.

“Birthday Song/Palmwine Riddim”

I was in a club in Nigeria in 2019 December, and I heard 50 Cent’s “It’s Your Birthday” come up in the club. The DJ played it and I heard these lines “Go go, it’s your birthday”.

I was inspired and I said to myself “this song came out over a decade ago”, and being an African I felt the need for an African birthday song created by Africans for Africans and the rest of the world.

I immediately went home and created the Birthday song. I had the instrumental already, it had been sitting in my email for a while. Zeal, who I met through a mutual friend in Ghana sent it so it was only right to have him on it. I sent an open verse to him, and the rest they say is history.

I was really excited when the song was done and I couldn’t wait to share this song with my peers knowing we have a song to celebrate with for the next decade. We met during my Afrochella performance in 2018, and we kept in contact since then.

I feel like Nigeria and Ghana are two leading countries in the African music scene and collaborating with Zeal makes it special, getting these two countries involved in this birthday celebration/movement is special for me.

Words by WurlD // Follow him on Twitter + Instagram

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