Best New Music: SIIGHTS – Dance [WPGM Premiere]

We’re excited to premiere a new music video from SIIGHTS, “Dance”, today; out tomorrow, November 18. They’re a pop duo made up of Dubliner, Mia Fitz, and Glaswegian, Toni Etherson.

The two began their journey together in the summer of this year, knuckling down in a house studio in L.A, writing music for other artists. They decided, despite really enjoying writing for other artists, to write their own music. Mia being able to play all the instruments in the studio herself certainly helped towards this.

This resulted in a collaboration with Dutch DJ, Sir Felix, which caught the attention of Armada Music. The latter offered to sign it for its debut release.

Now, they’re premiering, exclusively here, “Dance”, which opens with people pontificating self-expression, satisfaction and misconceptions in life. Muted, funky guitar kicks off proceedings before heavy, clapping drum and pounding bass add to proceedings. The chorus is, indeed, quite satisfying. The licks of guitar get more animated and impassioned, the overall sound just, generally, fills out nicely.

In the video you see break dancers, donned in intimidating black and red. The general message of the video adjoins with the song, that of the misconceptions regarding those seeking happiness. The video doesn’t just deal with said break dancers, neither, it looks at people from all different walks of life. The bright location certainly works in tandem with that sun kissed guitar in the chorus.

SIIGHTS definitely have something going on, here. Even aspects like the sun kissed funky guitar, in tandem with the sunny American location, are quite satisfying. Some go down the road of seemingly not putting together a video that suits the music written.

Plus, with the extended introduction voicing the feelings of a generation, diverse in their outlook and passions, you get a better feel for the song’s lyrics. Perhaps this is symbolic of at least the slightly divergent outlooks of said Dubliner and Glaswegian? With the bassline in “Dance” reminiscent of some old school Bernard Edwards basslines, you can be assured they’re not another hollow, bass light, throwaway pop team.

Also visit their Facebook, Instagram and website pages to keep tabs on SIIGHTS.

Words by Andrew Watson

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