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The American pop band DNCE has just released their debut self-titled album DNCE and it seems to be already a hit, as it is already on the Top 10 on iTunes.

The band has been on everyone’s radio since the hit “Cake By The Ocean” which came out in September of 2015, and set a new music life for ex-Jonas Brother member Joe Jonas, who sets himself apart (very apart) from both his old teenage band and his other brother Nick Jonas, who has also a solo album under his belt, but that went through a bit of a sexier makeover than Joe. On the other hand, Joe has decided to accept his weird side and get everyone to love being a weirdo with DNCE.

The album was released through Republic Records, and the songs were co-written by Joe Jonas and a team of Swedish writers, which totally nailed the funk, weird pop vibe that DNCE is all about.

The self-titled album was a long wait from the release of their Swaaay EP in October of 2015, which was a huge success with “Cake By The Ocean” and other singles such as “Toothbrush” and “Pay My Rent”, which all feature on the their debut album. The only song excluded from the EP is “Jinx“, which will feature in the Deluxe edition of the album.

DNCE has been teased for a couple of months now, as the band released singles such as “Body Moves” already replicating the pop craziness that followed the release of “Cake By The Ocean”.

The album starts with the song “DNCE”, which has a very 80s vibe with the use of electronic keyboard and sets the tone of the whole idea of getting weird, partying and Joe Jonas blatantly asking for people to dance with the band, to have fun and don’t worry about anything.

This style of partying, catchy pop tune can be found across the whole album, although DNCE switches from pop, to 80s tune, to classic rock ballad that brings some nostalgia for the old Joe Jonas and his high notes.

“Doctor You” is the closest song to repeat the success of “Cake By The Ocean”, with the same catchy chorus that everyone will know in a matter of minutes. “Need something to ease the pain. You can count on me for a fee, I’ll happily take it away” is a typical DNCE sexually related lyrics.

One of the songs that stands out the most is “Blown”, featuring Kent Jones. Although the lyrics are still about having fun, and partying and everything DNCE stands for, the sound is different from the rest of their other catchy songs. This is more of a classic funk song, it’s catchy and flirty but it bases its appeal less on being repetitive and more on the sound and the beats.

Joe Jonas didn’t completely forget his roots, as songs such as “Almost” and “Truthfully” more pop/rock ballads about a relationship ending, which seems a bit of stretch from the previous songs about not caring about anything. The songs are very good break up ballads, but they almost feel out of place in an album that is meant to make people dance and feel happy.

If DNCE came out a bit out of nowhere last year, they have definitely proved themselves as one of the best pop funk American bands. Their nonchalance and weirdness is what makes this album such a hit, as there is no deep thinking about anything, just dancing and living life at its best.

DNCE understands what the fans want but also, they are unapologetic about being themselves. If you are looking for a serious, deep album about embracing your feelings then DNCE is not for you. But if you are looking for an album to make you stop worrying about life and that makes you stop thinking, DNCE is exactly what you need.

Out now on Republic Records, purchase DNCE’s self-titled album on iTunes here.

Words by Martina Di Gregorio

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