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We Plug To You… Audrey Rose

audrey rose
Being called the little Alicia Keys because of her cover rendition of “Fallen” back in her teen years, newcomer Audrey Rose has finally shown us that she has a lot more in store than that. Audrey, whose real name is Natalie, grew up in New Jersey and is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. Her artist name was influenced by her mother Audrey, who died when Rose was only a four years old.

From early childhood, it was her biggest dream to become a singer one day, and her dream obviously got fulfilled. People might most likely recognise her from her cover version of “Who Do You Love”, originally by YG but she has certainly proven that she is not just that ‘Cover Girl’ who can’t produce self-made tracks. Radio Stations such as Power 105.1 in New York have caught attention of her and been playing her songs constantly. Additionally to that, she was given the chance to perform at the just mentioned radio station’s pre-party of their annual Powerhouse event in New York City.

Even though the New Jersey-native is not comfortable to commit to a certain music genre, but instead likes keeping it open. Whether her tracks are Rock, Hip Hop or R&B-orientated, her music is mostly influenced by Rhythm and Blues. No wonder, when her biggest idol is the living legend Mary J. Blige. However, other artists like superstars Madonna and Mariah Carey are big influences on her.

At the end of last year, she unveiled her single “That Love” featuring Troy Ave. With her powerfully used vocals, she was able to turn the tune in one of those that keep being stuck in one’s head. American rapper Troy Ave successfully contributed his part by adding a rhythmic rap feature. In fact, this single was made in honour of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s “The Message”. It is also the very first single from her debut mixtape Chapter One: Guns & Roses which was recently released.

By calling her mixtape Chapter One: Guns And Roses, Audrey Rose is sharing her first, by no means unsuccessful, steps into the rough music business with us. Executive-produced by Steven ‘DJ Suss One’ Sussman and Edward ‘Shy Boogs’ Timmons and presented by The Feature Presentation Music Group/So Amazin’ Entertainment, the new project features stars like Remy Ma, Jadakiss, Manolo Rose and “Trap Queen” singer Fetty Wap.

Rose’s current single is called “Ice Cream“. The song is about Rose extremely teasing her lover and is inspired by the same-named old-school hit by Raekwon from the Wu Tang Clan. “Ice Cream” does feature the above mentioned artists Fetty Wap and Remy Ma. This collaboration proves to having worked out quite well. The latter opens the song with a rather catchy introductory rap, followed by Audrey Rose’s more melodic verses. Towards the end, Fetty Wap contributes his part and adds his own flow.

The up-and-coming artist shares eight more melodic tracks in her mixtape. One of them is “Pretend”, a beautifully composed ballad. With Audrey singing “but I don’t care/ maybe I’ll just have to live this fantasy / Was it all a dream? / You just cut it off like it was nothing / I know I didn’t even see it coming“, the track is presumably about a break-up of a seemingly faked relationship. While this is only her first mixtape so far, the world will surely hear a lot more from Audrey Rose in the future. Clearly, she is still at the beginning of her career, but with her great talent, she definitely has the potential to climb high up the ladder of the R&B business. Stream Audrey Rose’s Chapter One: Guns And Roses mixtape in full here.

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Words by Antonia Künzel

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