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We Plug To You… Cherri Prince – Loves Leftovers EP

Lets take it down a notch, sit back, relax and allow this talented being to soothe us – that’s exactly what Cherri Prince does as she gives “smooth” a whole new meaning. Her music brings an image of an underground and somewhat seedy-looking Jazz club where everyone is connected in this haze created by cigarette, cigar and alcoholic fumes mixed with expensive cologne while this super elegant lady sings the blues in the most stylish and laid back way! There goes my wandering mind again but thats exactly what her music does! When you listen, the music transports you into exactly what you are feeling and kicks you neatly into a slow motion sort of pace.

In June, London Songstress Cherri Prince released her hugely anticipated EP titled Loves Leftovers. How cool a name is that?? Quite  the befitting name for this 8-track compilation where the general theme of all her songs is love. Her first EP, 2009’s Listen Here left fans wanting more and has gone a long way in creating a diverse platter of new listeners to serve this new EP on. Her smooth and light vocals go perfectly with the deep tones of Jazz instrumentation that backs her music and talking about her music, it reminds me so much of Goapele – I think their vocal ranges are so similar and beautiful!

The first track that welcomes you into the EP is “Misery” and what an amazing song to draw you in! Beautiful soulful jazz sounds keep you tuned in all through this track and with its very depressing lyrics, this track is absolutely brilliant! I love how on the hook, the keyboard-led backdrop slows down and picks up its pace on the verses with injections of faster drum kicks only to be slowed down again. Starting the EP with this song really set me right for the rest of the seven tracks that followed. Its old school Jazz but still some how current with all its originality. Click the play button below and get plugged in!

The next track I will be plugging to you is just as full of all the soulful jazzy goodness that “Misery” exudes. The aptly titled “So Good” is the song that got the most repeats from me. You have to listen to it with good earphones or on a good sound system to really feel it and have the music embrace your mind completely – and the lyrics are so flirty that you cannot resist! Like the way Cherri Prince is asking for this individual to take all their tempting features away from her but in essence, she’s really asking them to stay. This song is so good (so good) with its lush drum patterns, complimentary guitar and sax arrangements and the fresh flirty lyrics don’t hurt either – it makes me wanna sashay a lil! And if you can’t wrap your musical taste buds around this track then I really don’t know what to say to you. Just to be on the safe side, press play below and then maybe one more time just for good measure!

“take your deep eyes away from me so I can not see your inner beauty, take your arms away from me so they can not embrace me…”

The last track I will be plugging to you is a song titled “Traveller”. Words can’t really explain just how chilled out this song makes me feel and I’m totally loving the old school Hip-Hop vibe that you get on this. The echoing effect on her vocals does plenty good but more importantly adds beautifully to the smooth flow of this track with its head-bopping drums-led milieu. It’s like liquid in my mind and the story of the travelling man that comes in and out of your life is perfect for the faraway feeling this track instills. Click play!

Cherri Prince definitely delivers on this EP, each track has a similar flow that keeps the whole EP together without making each song sound the same. I really think thats what makes this EP so easy to listen to in the one go, you never hear a track come on that takes you away from the zone the previous track had you in, but rather you find the zone enhanced by the next track. It makes the skip button unnecessary I think.

Some people may say that with the music of today, Jazz and Soul are quickly becoming misplaced, and that might be true but here is someone who has succeeded in making it current without really misplacing the true essence! And that I think deserves some praise! Loves Leftovers is a beautiful compilation of calm and grown folk music, none of those autotuned or over produced tracks, just clean – fresh – Good music!

Jade O


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