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We Plug To You… TĀLĀ

TĀLĀ, remember that name because this lady has got something special here! Ever heard an eclectic array of crazy sounds and beats, mashed together to make sublime reveries of pretty amazing soundscapes? Nope, well trust me TĀLĀ is doing just that with her music, which is so fresh, experimental, and somewhat bordering on avante-garde and it works, it works immensely! Who is this ingenious virtuoso that is making mesmerizing, monumental distinct sounds in her music? This is a lady not to be ignored, her craft is dazzlingly defying. TĀLĀ, this is someone to explore even more.

Tala is the 3-dimensional 25 year old singer/songwriter and producer from South London and she is already making an impression with her ensembled array of various sounds fused together to make for an alluring mash-up of the most intriguing. Signed to label Aesop, this is where Tala lets her creativity take flight, a delicious mixture of absorbing sounds from around the world perfectly complement one another. A blend of dance in-fused pop meets enticing Arabian samples, so tantalising and seductive. It was in May this year that this lady released to the world, her 3-track EP The Duchess and from that, she has been in the studio working up a storm.

“The Duchess”:

Drawing from her musical up-bringing, Tala states how her Iranian dad would always play the sitar and drums and this helped shaped her creativity, giving inspiration into the way she producers her music. Two polar opposites, from one spectrum, Tala illuminates how her dad would be playing Arabian music in one room whilst her mum who is English would listen to cheesy pop music. This would be the combination that shaped and molded the distinct and diverse sounds of Tala’s music today and what a fluctuating, spellbinding hybrid she has created!

You can definitely feel that Tala has absorbed all these sounds in her music, she has consumed them and immersed herself wholly into everything she creates. Tala heightens how The Duchess is about her travelling experiences, as it has this feel of travelling, a backpack of different, unusual and new sounds have been captivated in Tala’s grasp. All these experimental sounds are prominent in her music, they will take you on a journey of her most pleasing sights. Tala loves to capture every aspect of her travelling in her music, as she visualises every song. Everything is depicted from the scorching sun of last month’s single “Black Scorpio“, its sizzling warmth throughout, which increases.

Tala’s music oozes ‘the new’ completely, sounds that shift continually, landscapes and sights captured on one track. Think of Tala’s music as a travellers diary, different sights and sounds noted down but whollistically they form the base and product of her work. Her music speaks volumes, visually they transcend into different places, creates images straight from Tala’s very own mind and that is something rather brilliant! Every new sight and sound is brought in her music, the idea of the unknown, searching, all are ever-present throughout every production. Tala strives on searching for new sounds, and something different, like on “On My Own In Hua Hin“, this lady highlights how she was at a wedding in Thailand and wanted to capture that celebratory experience. The emotion, the mood are all submerged into this exciting track.

“On My Own In Hua Hin”:

This is a woman collectively exploring all facets of music, visually and mentally. A stream of undeniably extreme products of everything new and desiring. Productions of great esteem, thought out then molded to make these experimental prefaces. This former BRIT-school girl is a phenomenal musical talent, every area of her craft is covered so intently, digested and given chance to just breathe. Musical palpitations personified, I predict big things for this lady with new EP Alchemy out on December 1, this music prodigy has so much more to give. Watch out for the name, Tala, a magnatism of sporadic sonance, this is one person you need to listen out for!

Pre-Order: TĀLĀ – Alchemy EP (12″)

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Words by Melanie John // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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