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We Plug To You… The Slang

the slang
The Slang is a pure American alternative/rock band whose initial structure was as a trio, but are now composed as a dynamic two piece band, with members John Bobo, who is the vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and pianist when needed, and John Newsome who is the very talented bass player. They are creating great music quite effortlessly and having every time a really distinctive stage performance in their live-shows.

John Bobo adds diversity to the band, but also in his life, as he established to be chosen as an FBI special agent, something that is pretty much astounding and isn’t happening very frequently in a person’s life, maybe even never. He however decided not to get involved working for the FBI, because he wanted to be more involved in his band’s project, and focus on his upcoming music future.

John Newsome, on the other hand, is a very good musician, who is dedicated to his bass playing and always delivers crisp, intense and powerful music interpretations in the studio and also in their live performances, trying to continuously outdo himself for the better, every time.

From the beginning, the group had small but targeted music goals, firstly to create and record their debut album in NYC where they were based at the time, then touring around the city and making their unique sound heard, and then moving to Nashville this time, where they recorded their sophomore EP Night and Day at the Ocean Way Studios with production from Run Long, who also did all the mixing and the music composing where needed.

The duo was also accompanied by several well-known Nashville musicians, for the accomplishment of the best music outcome in each and every song of the album. The record was released recently on June 17.

This EP is all about their feelings and the situations they faced during their music journey until now. Day by day, they are getting more famous and more noticed to a bigger audience, as you can listen to their music on many mainstream channel outlets like HBO and USA network, with the band also getting invitations to many distinguished music conferences like CMJ and NXN6 among others. They always try to develop and transform a greater knowledge in their music and never give up.

Their music is a mixture of alternative American rock sounds, combined with some post punk elements, and the music outcome of that is apparent on many of their songs, and by also having a few very colourful and smooth ballads on this EP, they are having a positive and creative music variety to continuously offer musical surprises to the listener, throughout the whole EP.

With this record, the duo want to put everyone in a pleasant and, at other times, more thought-provoking mood. I particularly enjoyed the “Night and Day” song which was also released in a video-version on YouTube. In it, there are images of the group jamming in a gig, but there are also images of a day in a carnival fun park, where everyone has a good time neglecting and putting aside the problems or the situations of their everyday life.

Also the last song on their record entitled “Remember to Forget” is a very emotive ballad, which sets the mood to think about your own life and how everyone is dealing with their reality, especially when being in a relationship which has ended recently.

The Slang is a very interesting music group that has evolved over time, and by having the right aggravations, they turned out to be successful in their music with a lot of effort and love in what they are doing, while also developing their music sounds further, as well as themselves.

They are going to be touring this fall all around America to support their latest album so if you live nearby go and see them or if you are not, just listen to their challenging songs and wait to hear more of them in the near future! Keep tabs on The Slang on Facebook, Twitter and their website.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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