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WPGM Previews: Butserfest 2016 – Saturday, September 10

Butserfest 2016
To most festival connoisseurs, the thought of going teetotal for a music festival may seem as daunting a thought as the imminent result of the US presidential election, but for one Hampshire-based day festival, it is mandatory for any potential attendees and quite frankly, a liberating one.

Can such an unshackling social experiment really break a long-standing tradition of inebriated frivolity? Well considering 2016 now marks ten years of Butserfest’s success, it would appear the concept has taken off in sober leaps and bounds. The day festival will take place on the 10th of September and can be found nestled between the grassy hills of Queen Elizabeth Country Park, south of Petersfield.

Hampshire may be the largest county in South East England but it still lacked the necessary revelling requirements for the local youth to entertain themselves. Bringing the subject to light in front of East Hampshire District Council in 2007, the officials granted permission to organise a small music event to keep adolescent minds content.

Since Elliot Minor christened the headliner position all those years ago, renowned rock acts such as Don Broco, Funeral For A Friend and Hacktivist (and a large handful of helpful sponsors) have joined the magnitude of stage line-up’s formulated over the past decade, progressively building the event’s status and eventually earning it the right to its claim of ‘the biggest festival of its kind in the country’.

This year has attracted many different names to play to the eccentric fan-base such as set-killers Creeper and The Qemists, as well as old friends Mallory Knox and Young Guns, who are all guaranteed to entertain and enthral.

Although common nature dictates that large bands catch the fancy of large crowds, it is that general distinction that acts as a publicity lightning rod for those small and new acts in the area who demand consideration. The Introducing stage this year will be home to the top ten of on the rise bands like punch packers A.R.K and pop punkers High Down.

Like any other occasion however, activities that don’t include the live music perks are usually made available to the public and this year that includes an 8.3m-high mobile zip-line for your everyday adrenaline seeker. It is a new feature for the decennial celebrations, in addition to an assortment of inflatable affairs for children and man-child alike.

Food lovers will be left salivating at the range of food stalls at their disposal. Head over to Simply Gourmet for a selection of delicious pizzas or maybe if you’re feeling something that would leave you a little hotter under the collar, Nacho’s King is ready to serve you up anything from burritos to chillies.

Like any great meal however, you will need something to wash it all down with so if you are feeling one of Oh So Smoothies classic choices or maybe even something sweeter from Crepe ‘N’ Waffle Stop, this Saturday if nothing, is guaranteed to leave you with a full stomach.

With every element slowly shifting into place and the timer slowly counting down, Butserfest is ready to show off its glowing attributes. A festival for families to enjoy without the hesitations of disorderly conduct and for true music lovers of the genre to enjoy, without the degree of generations who need a legal or illegal high to further their experience.

Only Tier 3 tickets for Butserfest 2016 are still available for £21.96 (including booking fee) from their main website and a group discount of buying five tickets for the price of four for £90.56 (including booking fee), get your tickets here now!

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Words by Nathan Roach

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