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This feature is about two months late and I apologize, but sharing great music should not be restricted by time right? If you have ever wondered what your favorite male artists would sound like if they all featured on a song together then this artist would be a great addition for your library. We plug to you Travis Garland who I believe possesses a musical style that channels some of the greatest male vocalists I can name. The Texas native was formerly a part of the boy band NLT (Not Like Them), which included Glee’s Kevin McHale, Justin Thorne and Vahe Sevani. The group never released an album and since they split and parted ways with Interscope Records, Travis has been on his own musical journey.

He has worked with the production group The Stereotypes who’ve worked with Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige and Justin Bieber among others. Speaking of Justin Bieber, Travis co-wrote the track “Sexy Together“, which was then re-written and recorded by Bieber and Jaden Smith as “Never Say Never” for the Hollywood flick The Karate Kid. Now, onto Travis Garland’s music…

Off his Fashionably Late Volume 1 EP comes the track “Abby Lee“, which houses organ-chords introduced at the very start of the track making it impossible to miss. On listening, you will quickly notice Travis’ strong vocal delivery along with the instrumental arrangement conjures up a Gospel feel. Most notable is the bridge, which he delivers in a sermon-like form. Ironically though on the track, Travis sings of a girl who he is having sexual feelings for and lusting over. Belting out in his powerful chords and falsetto, you can definitely tell Travis grew up singing in church.

Pure. Soul. R&B. are the three words I’d immediately attribute to the song “Where to Land“. Travis also recognizes this as one of the best tracks on the album as he released it as the first single from his Fashionably Late Volume 2 project. Sung in a mellow falsetto tone and calm flow and backed by minimalist instrumentals with layered guitar arrangements and a very sonic vibe, Travis showcases a different style of music and vocal ability on this track. The song features III who drops a rap verse, fully solidifying the R&B experience of the song. Press play and I can guarantee this is one track you will constantly have on repeat in your playlist.

Lastly, I plug to you, the song “Blue Electric Roses” also taken from his latest EP. At this point, Travis has definitely proved his versatility to me and I’m surprised with songs this great, he isn’t amongst one of the top mainstream artists today. The track with its chilled vibe, upon which Travis sings, “there’s nothing in the world like blue electric roses, but you can be the one”, talks on how he has found someone so rare and special he doesn’t want to let go. Listen to the emotive track below.

I first heard of Travis Garland when he featured on a song with Jojo titled “When Does It Go Away” off of her latest mixtape. Impressed with his sound, I looked him up, found his EPs and have become an avid fan ever since. Both EPs combined give you ten original Travis Garland songs that are definitely worth a listen. Here’s hoping for more music from the singer-songwriter who seems to currently be enjoying his creative freedom away from any record label deals. If that’s what it takes, we’ll keep on listening.

Keep tabs on Travis Garland: Facebook // Twitter // Website

Download: Fashionably Late Vol. 1 – Travis Garland // Fashionably Late Vol. 2 – Travis Garland

Temi Y.

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  1. I just had two questions one since he has come out with his cd is he going two sign with a label or is he going to wait also how can you make a cd and not be signed thanks.

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