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We Plug To You… Warren Xclnce

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According to Dictionary.com, excellence is defined as “the fact or state of excelling”. Fittingly, this definition springs to mind when describing the work of Warren Xclnce (pronounced ex•cel•lence, according to his Soundcloud biography), as the London based DJ/producer (and CEO of AboutToBlow.com) strives for as much when he creates. The aforementioned young man is an advocate of everything deep and soulful, which is apparent in his own production.

Warren’s journey has taken him from DJing at local events throughout his teenage years to becoming a much sought after individual in both London and Nottingham (where he attended university). Notorious for his maverick-like creativity, Warren’s distinctive and comfortingly soulful sound is a concoction of influences from multiple genres, with J. Dilla and Flying Lotus specified as some of the most impactful artists on his own style.

“Time Is Love”:

Warren Xclnce’s latest offering “Time Is Love” – part of the Mimm Store ‘Exploration Compilation’ – beautifully encapsulates everything that Warren’s production style is about. From the various synth sounds floating throughout that force you to move without even realising, to the deep undercurrent of bass that you can feel in your soul. The perfectly placed vocal samples fit seamlessly, before Xclnce introduces keys, as part of the break, to produce a sharp turn that may catch listeners off guard, before putting them at ease again. Within the 4-minute track, Warren is able to transport you to a place in the summer time.

“Examine Me” [Featuring Etta Bond]:

Warren’s talents have been recognized by his peers, shown through his work with other emerging talents from the UK. “Examine Me” is a smooth, sensual neo-R&B tune featuring vocals from Etta Bond, who glides and slides effortlessly within the confines of the melody. The Warren Xclnce production allows Bond to express her vocal talents, due to its tantalizing tones formulated by the synth keys as well as claves, which tip toe throughout the beat, as if creeping up your spine. The finishing touch to this suave musical potion comes in the form of the guitar, which provides the soulful element that is customary in all of all Warren’s work.

“Last Train Home”:

“Last Train Home” retains the soft soulfulness that permeates a lot of Warren’s music, but when juxtaposed with harder hitting drums like the ones found on this particular track, listeners are treated to a gritty edge that welcomes an introspective verse from one of your favourite rappers. It’s this gift to be able to musically cater to anyone and everyone that makes Warren Xclnce such a special talent. The way he is able to pick elements from his favourite genres and influences, allows him to almost create his own subgenre; letting his unique sound fit perfectly whatever direction he decides to go with it.

Warren’s last solo releases were The Xclnce EP (2012) and Nymphophonic LP (2013), so we can anticipate new material this year as he’s expecting to partake in collaborative projects with other artists. The team at WPGM will be looking forward to what Warren Xclnce can come up with in the near future.

You can follow Warren Xclnce’s progress via Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

Words by Nathan Fisher // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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