WPGM Commentary: BEBELUNA On The Making Of Her Visual EP ‘Ecdysis’

My name is BEBELUNA and Ecdysis (which is the process of reptiles shedding skin) is about going through that journey of realising we, as humans will continue to change and morph into different versions of ourselves. It’s a hard reality to face but must be conquered.

I’ve been wanting to make a visual EP for some time now, combining my knowledge and love for film and music to convey my stories and thoughts. For this specific piece. I gained visual inspiration from films like, Suspiria and American Honey while sonically, gaining inspiration from every type of genre you can think of.

Recalling the steps of making this EP is hard because I was making so much music at the time, and had this bad habit of leaving things unfinished and starting new things.

I started working on “Who Are You” first. I was solo jamming on my shitty electric guitar and created the intro that reminded me of road trips, even though I’ve never been on one. I left it at the intro for so long because nothing was working, drums, lyrics, synths. But after working on other pieces for Ecdysis, I finally understood the DNA of the song, and finished it.

I knew the narrative was a battle between one self, as it showed me whilst making it. You are aware of something that would be easier ignored, but doing so will damage oneself further.

I then started working on “22“, which was so quick and easy to finish, I sampled the best of the best, Ryuichi Sakamoto, added some drums, and because I wanted to carry on the psychedelic guitar theme throughout, decided to cut the middle of the song with a little dreamy moment.

This song is the epitome of growing pains. Falling into a depressive episode because your skin is shedding and you have to face everything in the past so it doesn’t carry into your future.

The beat for “Mirror” was made on a night where I felt very alone in this universe and unsure of the future, which happens during this journey of self acceptance. I remember just being in my dark room, reversing the guitars I had just played in, then adding Alice In Wonderland type keys.

I wanted this effect of falling down a dark hole for this song, but yet again, I left it unfinished for a while because writing to this kind of beat was new to me. I would listen to this song on public transport, trying to figure out the lyrics/rhythm and one day I just started freestyling with a deep ass voice, and a lightbulb went off and started writing

I then moved on to “Opaque“, which was again easy. Like I said, recalling these events prove difficult when you’re constantly working on different pieces, but also because when I make music, it acts as a ritual. I know it sounds so cliche but I honestly do get lost in the sauce.

“Opaque” was meant to give this horror but also light at the end of the tunnel kinda feeling, like, you’re about to embark on this taxing journey full of sorrow, but it’s healing and elevates you as a being. It’s when you begin to become aware of this other version of you fighting to be in control.

Awake” was going to become this big funkadelic inspired piece but became more of a lofi house. I was jamming on the guitar and made the first part of the song with ease, but the second part took its timeeeee. It only came to me after I finished all the other songs, which really means a lot, because it’s about ending a journey and feeling good about yourself, and your future endeavours.

Listen to my new EP Ecdysis below!

Words by BEBELUNA // Follow them on Twitter + Instagram

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