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WPGM Commentary: Wolfie On The Making Of Her New EP ‘All Souls’

My name is Wolfie, and I’m an artist, producer, singer, and songwriter originally from Kent.

At the beginning of 2020, I hadn’t planned to release All Souls, K1 (who produced the EP) and I were working on a completely different project, but as the year transpired, the songs on that record didn’t resonate with me as I had hoped.

In September, I decided I wasn’t going ahead with the previous project planned, and like many, in 2020, I had more than enough time to get introspective which naturally made me resonate more with the intimate vulnerable rough ideas myself and K had created in the midst of producing the first EP planned.

The majority of those tracks are now on All Souls, all those raw introspections and rough melodies were the genesis of this project. The pivot songs/moments between certain sessions and free-styled melodies where the foundation of All Souls.

I think I benefited from this journey, from not sitting down and writing specifically for this EP or to any brief or concept in mind, I believe really gave All Souls an honest authenticity and transparency which is what I have always aimed and hoped is a large part of what captures others with my music.

Each song felt related and after listening to the project in studio, on walks, driving etc the common thread I found that ran through each of these songs was the narrative that weaves in-between bad habits and cyclical traits.

It ran like the soundtrack to a journey of rediscovery or the dark night the soul a kind of numbing or bleakness that was occurring before self realisation and enlightenment, which was definitely my personal mood for 2020 but I felt collectively others may have faced the same or be in a similar space as me after a solemn intense year and these songs would help heal within those weird uncomfortable space.

I titled the EP All Souls and released the first single “Supernatural” on All Souls Day which a day in early Christianity commemorating all souls that are still trapped in purgatory due to entanglements on earth who are struggling to let go and ascend. This ritualistic day felt like the same notion from the EP as each song felt related to different types of purgatories we put/find ourselves in that stop inner growth.

“Supernatural” relates to triggered nights of sleep paralysis and insomnia, while “D.I.T.D (Devils In The Details)” is a breaking free from toxic connections or cycles after looking at the finer details of a relationship, and “Cruella” is about ego centric days where you act out impulsively trying to overshadow your own insecurities.

“Pinnochio” relates to manipulation and pride, “Haunted” vulnerabilities and toxicity, and “Closed”, the last song on the EP, felt like the realisation and clarity gained after these self explorations. Each song was a self-discovery which was how 2020 felt along with the obvious inspiration of my new Disney+ subscription.

I’ve always written and sung to R&B/Soul led melodies and had a deep love for UK music and stylistically my music meshes these influences, but before All Souls, I had been drawn to the depth and musicality of Romany folk music and flamenco type scales.

It was something that connected me with my heritage having a mum of Romam Gypsy descent. It also challenged me vocally and melodically, which was a stunning thing to explore and play with, especially with K1, who is the king at Arabic/Romani scales.

Throughout the process of writing and recording, I don’t like to listen to anything apart from what I create purely so I’m not influenced subconsciously by a melody or a way a phrase was sung, but the inspiration of those genres bleeds through thanks to K1’s incredible ear and talent, who was able to merge the sounds with finesse.

The whole process of releasing All Souls felt like a cleanse. Hours after a video shoot for the EP, I was rushed into A&E after experiencing severe pains all over my body, which then led to a week stay in hospital to eventually find out that one of my organs was failing and close to becoming life threatening, something I had no idea was happening apart from the pain a few hours before.

This obviously caused me to slow right down, which felt like sods law and awful timing after having not released an EP in years.

Knowing I wasn’t going to have the energy to be fully present and as active as I had hoped in my campaign was disheartening but the same day I had surgery was the same day “Supernatural” was released and after my operation, I listened to the song and the EP realising this record is one big outburst and cleanse for me, no matter how much morphine I’m on or the circumstances I’m in.

I think its rare sometimes as an artist to really appreciate your work when it’s being released – at the same time, others are able to experience it because we are always onto the next idea and creation. All Souls had to be and has been the complete opposite of that.

Going forward in 2021, I’m back on my BS with a clean bill of health and I want to carry that appreciation and contentment forward with a deeper love and respect for the rough ideas hidden on my hard drive and a life wish for a Disney sync.

Listen to my All Souls EP below!

Words by Wolfie // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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