WPGM Commentary: Celebrating ‘Sorry 4 The Wait’ And The Legacy Of Lil Wayne

The years 2013 to 2015 were very interesting and exciting years. Everyone wore YMCMB and Trukfit caps, representing the music mogul Lil Wayne while reciting various lyrics of his Carter Album. This begs me to wonder if Lil Wayne truly knew the gravity of his influence and the army of followers he had recruited through his genius.

Many of the upcoming and debuted rappers of today have playlists of their greatest inspirations, most including the likes of Lil Wayne. With being a large and domineering figure as he is, it’s fair to assume that Lil Wayne has been nothing but considerate to his fans. In this regard, Sorry 4 The Wait is a representation of his consideration and devotion to his fans.

Originally released in 2011, just over a decade since its release, the classic mixtape is finally available on streaming platforms. This is but the start of Wayne’s most highlighted and iconic mixtapes to be issued on streaming platforms.

Perhaps this mixtape came at a good time just until his more notorious mixtapes will be made available. This process will be long and we reckon rather difficult, but as commonly known, Wayne is no stranger to the hustle. As he said, “When I started flirting with the hustle, failure became my ex, now I’m engaged to the game and married to success”.

Would it be a stretch to say that Wayne elevated the game? Not so much as today’s generation were inspired and motivated by him. It’s not wrong that people may question Wayne’s relevance but his career and tantalizing lyricism ensure not to leave room for any questioning of his success.

His relevance is actually a by-product of his relevance. He may not be on the scene as much now, however, modern artists are lining up to get a feature from the “best rapper alive“. These words came from him and were most likely uttered by many of his admirers from the heights of his musical career.

He has built strong and long-lasting relationships with idols such as Nicki Minaj who seems to continuously show her unfading love towards him for his artistry and friendship. She even invited Wayne as a ‘special guest’ in July of 2021 on her Instagram live.

The two date way back as he helped her launch her career and saw her divine potential even when everyone else had not. Their multiple collaborations and involvement in each other’s lives show the blossoming nature of their relationship and his influence as well towards his personal relationships.

He has notoriously collaborated and played a role in the launching of various artist careers such as Drake and Tyga. Majorly, his likeness lies in his diversity. His distinct style, lyricism, and voice make him easily recognizable and standout-ish in almost every track that he features on. Perhaps I am giving him a little more credit than should be due but to be fair, he deserves it.

There is a reason as to why his music is so gripping even to the generation of today who continuously refer to him as a G.O.A.T. From 1997 to 2016, Wayne has produced an astounding number of 381 features which is sure to be more. In 2021 he did a feature with his Young Money partner, Nicki Minaj on the single “Seeing Green”, which was on her mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty.

He also featured on one of Polo G’s leading singles, “Gang Gang” on his album Hall Of Fame. He even collaborated with Tyler The Creator on his song “Hot Wind Blows” for his Call Me If You Get Lost album.

This is not the first time and we hope that it will not be the last time that Wayne will be appearing on Tyler’s singles. Notably enough, Wayne has appeared on other tracks with Tyler in the past, ranging from “SMUCKERS” in 2015 and “Droppin Seeds” in 2017.

I’m sure that most do hope to hear more of Lil Wayne, and watch his influence on the ever-growing world of hip hop and rap continue to unfold.

Listen to Sorry 4 The Wait below and keep tabs on Lil Wayne on Facebook, Instgram and Twitter.

Words by Somila Lehloesa

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