WPGM Reviews: Don Broco Live At The Mill Birmingham

In support of their latest album, Amazing Things, Bedford’s finest, Don Broco, announced a run of shows in the UK, where fans had the chance to hear songs including “Bruce Willis”, “Gumshield” and “One True Prince”.

Tuesday 15th of March saw Don Broco make a stop at The Mill, in Birmingham, with a sold out show and there was nothing but amazing things to come. There is an air of extreme excitement sweeping through the venue, as fans mingled amongst one another, browse the merchandise and whisper excitedly about the night’s setlist.

Snake Eyes were up first before Don Broco took to the stage. They brought a whole lot of energy with their self defined grit pop sound.

James Heffy (vocals), Thomas Brooker (drums) and Nicole Gil (Guitar), performed tracks including “another world”, “sink” and “skeletons”, offering up a diverse range of sounds and packed with a load of confidence, getting the crowd hyped for what was to come. Their energy and stage presence complimented that of Don Broco’s perfectly.

Walking on stage to a warm welcome from Birmingham, having been a while since the band played in the city, Rob Damiani (vocals), Simon Delaney (guitar), Matt Donnelly (Drums) and Tom Doyle (Bass) got ready for the fan favourite, “Come Out To LA”, with huge smiles, the only way to kick it all off.

With there being a mixture of songs from the albums, Automatic, Technology and Amazing Things, there was something for everyone to enjoy. All the energy was present from the very beginning, from both band and crowd.

There wasn’t one single person standing still, whether they found themselves involved in a mosh pit when the anthemic track, “Everybody” was performed or when the band announced that they will be performing “Easter Sunday” for the very first time. It was a special moment hearing this song live, as it was a reminder of how versatile this band can be, both on and off stage.

Don Broco turned it down a notch with “One True Prince”. Providing a melancholic air, reminding individuals are all tiny specks in a universe that is constantly pushing forward instead of sweating the small things in life.

Following that was “Gumsheild” and “T-Shirt Song”, where it is common knowledge to take your shirt off and twirl it in the air, as the line “I take my T-shirt off, Swing it around my head” clearly states and is screamed by every single person in that room. It was the crowd interaction that also made the show what it was. This is a big part of going to a Don Broco show and there’s no escaping it and rightly so.

It’s not a Don Broco show if lead singer, Rob Daminani doesn’t part the crowd in two and have them go crazy when “yippee-ki-ye motherf****r“, from the track “Bruce Willis” is sung at the top of their lungs.

They ended the show as strongly as they began. The band expressed their appreciation to the Birmingham audience before the night came to an end. Don Broco definitely knows how to put on a show and it will be one that the people of Birmingham will be remembering for a very long time.

Words by Sarah Akomanyi

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