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WPGM Commentary: Cherry Lena Is Struggling With Loneliness And Isolation On ‘EDGE’

Hi! I’m Cherry Lena, an alternative pop singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada. I write sad girls’ music. I started out when I first captured the attention of audiences with my performances on The Voice Quebec in 2018. I have since been making a name for my edgy pop sound combining nostalgic melodies, subtle R&B tones and ambitious music productions.

My new single “EDGE” came first as a cry for help. Sometimes I feel like I reached the edge of my life. Like a weird sense that the end is near and I start grieving everything. The human experience is universally awkward and we often underestimate how strong we really are.

What I want to share with my music is that we’re all connected and our pain isn’t a weakness but a strength. Singing was always my path. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. If reincarnation is a thing, I’m pretty sure I’ve chosen to be a singer in all of my previous lives and the next. Although it’s a quite messed up path, at times. I write music as a form of therapy but also as an attempt to connect with people.

I wrote “EDGE” on my piano in my bedroom late at night. I was living in a new place that didn’t feel like home and left me feeling alienated in my own bedroom. I think to this day, this is one of my favorite songs I’ve written. Partly because it felt natural to write it.

I remember it being done in only a few hours, as if I was letting my heart dictate my words and melodies instead of trying to force my brain to come up with something good enough, something worthy of attention, worthy of success. “I’m on the edge” is in the sense of “Get me out of here, save me from myself.”

I remember that I couldn’t stand my loneliness back then. Re-working it years after its initial composition, I was pleased to realize that I had evolved considerably since. I dedicate this song to my inner strength. To my resilience, to my inner bad b*tch, who allowed me to become a flower that blooms in adversity. This is for my inner queen. Back then, I had yet to meet her.

This song is channeled by dark feminine energy and feminine rage. It’s a confidence booster, a song to listen to to feel energized, pumped. To play while getting ready, while doing your makeup, blasting it in your earphones, and at parties too.

It’s a blend of pop and DnB, which I always had a thing for but never had the confidence to pull off. Sega Bodega’s unique sound has been inspiring me a lot in the last year. Lana Del Rey’s universe keeps inspiring me in many different ways throughout the years. Jesse Jo Stark’s rock And roll spirit as well.

I know there’s plenty of others like me, for whom just being stable or not depressed is good enough. Let alone finding happiness… that sometimes feels impossible. But I know it is possible. I’ve felt it and still feel it. I know happiness is in the present moment. And I try to be present, fully present. That’s all we really have. For me, music is what helps the most.

I hope my music will inspire others to feel their emotions and not see their pain as a weakness but as something that makes them grow into the elevated version of themselves. Music is the healer no matter who you are. May this song give you all the strength and confidence you need to accomplish what your heart’s been longing for. Your Cherry.

Listen to “EDGE” below and stream it everywhere else here.

Word by Cherry Lena // Follow her on Instagram + Twitter

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