WPGM Commentary: Glorious Can’t Resist His Lover On ‘Gum Body’

Hii, my full name is Joseph Oluwasijibomi Rowland. It still feels brand new calling myself a recording artist, but that’s what I am. Professionally, as an artist, I go by Glorious, but lots of people call me Glorious Boy. My stage name points to my talent.

When I first met D’Prince and recorded, he called me a glorious boy, and it stuck. I think it’s a perfect name because it not just describes my talent as an artist, but also my personality. I consider myself hardworking and curious. I’m hardly ever satisfied, so I’m constantly looking to be more; it helps me stay grounded and humble. I think all of these are essential to Glorious, who I am as an artist.

To me, music is one form of art that speaks directly to the soul. It’s in how music can convey emotions, stories, and experiences through sound. It’s the freedom of expression, finding beauty in melodies and expressing who I am within.

Growing up in a family that really loves music, music has always been around me, right from when I was little. It started with Fuji, Juju, and Reggae, my parents’ genres, and it started evolving, I discovered hip hop and also started writing my own songs when I turned 12. I gained inspiration from afrobeats, R&B, and other genres I heard around me.

Afrobeats is probably one of my biggest inspirations. Before getting signed, I dropped covers of Wizkid’s “Ojuelegba”, Davido’s “Feel”, Kizz Daniel’s “Twe Twe”, and a couple of others. It was part of what led me to get signed by D’Prince into Jonzing World.

I even won NasBoi’s Umbrella Challenge, and that was a very motivating moment for me; I kind of saw it as a sign, because winning an online competition over so many other talented people was proof that I was on the right path.

Even though I started writing songs quite young, I never got to go to a studio until years later when a friend in secondary school invited me over to his dad’s studio. I still remember the anxiety I felt that day and how hearing feedback from people in the studio gave me the confidence to continue exploring.

My debut single, “Gum Body”, came out in February, and it’s been exciting seeing the actual public and people beyond the studio be open to my music and be excited about it. Especially because it is a simple story about the love between a boy and a girl.

It’s the popular trope of a more invested boy showing way more interest towards the girl than she shows for him. She’s acting all difficult and uncaring about his feelings, and he’s still sweet and into her.

I thought it was interesting because these days, there are only a few actual chasers. The world has changed, but I feel wooing and putting in effort is a huge part of romance, and that’s what missing in the world. I decided to write about it in a song and after recording it.

Working on “Gum Body” with Choke Boi, the producer, was very fun and quick, honestly. We made it in my room. It was an interesting session. D’Prince and everyone loved it, so we decided to go with it as my debut release.

Listen to “Gum Body” below and stream it everywhere else here.

Word by Glorious // Follow him on Instagram

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