WPGM Commentary: Jetta Is Trying To Unstick Herself On ‘Sticky Icky’

Hello I’m Jetta and these are the contents of my head. Buzz buzz. I just dropped my first album, relax, the house is on fire. It’s similar to saying “everything’s fine, I’m not okay”, if you know what I mean 🙂

The track “sticky icky” is the first song on the album. It’s definitely the “I’m not okay” bit. I made it at home in my studio. I was feeling pretty wonky at the time, so essentially it just mirrored my state of mind.

I started off by finding a wonky sounding instrument I liked, playing around with different riffs on the keyboard until I was happy, then looped that throughout. Next I made the beat, then the melody and lyrics came after. It’s basically a bunch of hooks over minimal production. It sounds like if 90s UK garage, grunge and grime had a baby.

The idea for the music video came to mind as I was making the song. There are 2 main characters in the video – the fly and the spider, and they take on different forms throughout the video, but the overall theme is about feeling stuck and trying to unstick yourself!

I shot the whole thing on my iPhone in my living room.

I love comic books, video games, superheroes… and have a poster wall in my studio – music and movies galore. I wanted the video to look like a poster brought to life’s and then imagine zooming through it, uncovering layers and levels as you go.

For the opening shot, I set up a green backdrop and some studio lights I got online, and basically held a really awkward pose in front of the camera for about an hour. It was a proper core workout. If you look closely, you can see me shaking.

Some of the outtakes are hilarious, I’m wobbling everywhere. Not to mention, how hot it got in all that latex. Literally sticky icky.

The first character is a fly / superhero hybrid. I custom-made the headpiece using giant googly eyes, which I stuck to a headlight I found in a costume shop, and on my studio headphones. They’ve become a permanent addition. I love playing dress up, so it was really just a costume party in my living room.

For the spider character, I wore 3 chainmail dresses hooked together, and another covering my face. I couldn’t see what I was doing, so had to stay in one spot while the camera was rolling and hope for the best.

For the other scenes, I found some stock clips online – a web, a fly and some waves – and a fly face filter on snapchat. Probably my favorite scene is riding the fly. I wanted it to look like a retro video game.

I switched up the set for the last scenes – covered the floor and walls in black bin bags, sprayed them with liquid gloss and set a flashlight at different speeds, then just turned the music up really loud and thrashed about (special thanks to my neighbours for putting up with my antics).

Then I edited the whole thing in Capcut. It’s such a good app – especially if you’re into the homemade, DIY aesthetic, and it has loads of fun fx. Minimal budget, maximum imagination mindset.

I’m a chronic thinker. It’s what propels me, but also keeps me stuck sometimes. So I tried to keep things light; see the funny side… and the creative freedom I’ve had on this project has been dreamy and healing and exhausting all at the same time. I wouldn’t change it – I’m really proud of how it all turned out.

The key takeaways from all of this would have to be that imagination is free, ideas are endless. HAVE FUN! Oh, and go stream “sticky icky”! <3 Watch the "sticky icky" video below and listen to my album here.

Word by Jetta // Follow her on Instagram

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