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WPGM Commentary: Immi Dash Is Moving On For Her Wellbeing On ‘You Ain’t Good’

Hey, I’m Immi Dash. I’m a contemporary R&B singer and songwriter from Stroud in the UK.

My latest single “You Ain’t Good” is a reflective one, about realising someone is bad for your wellbeing. It’s about being heartbroken (by a friend or a love interest) one too many times, and knowing that it’s time to move on.

Personally, I think of the song as a moment of realisation I had in my life when I found that I was spending all my time and effort into a relationship with a guy who didn’t actually care about me.

Even after he did me wrong, I kept making excuses for him. I think “You Ain’t Good” captures the inner conflict I felt about leaving this person. I didn’t want to stop seeing him but I knew it was wrong to stay.

I started writing the lyrics and chords for “You Ain’t Good” late at night in my bedroom at uni, candles lit and lights off, which I find is the best way to write when I’m feeling emotional. Dramatic, I know… Over the next week, I continued to come up with melodies and ideas for the song.

It was an ongoing process, and I recently found some voice-notes on my phone of me singing the chorus melody for the first time. Some of it popped into my head when I was sitting in a cafe with my friends. So, all I can say is watch out for musicians, they’re probably plotting their next single in their heads as you speak.

After I produced a rough demo of the song I took it to Charlie Carr who worked his magic and produced the track for me. He’s a great keys player so managed to spice up my original chords and arrange the atmosphere that the track needed.

We tried recording vocals in the studio, but in the end the best vocals were the ones recorded in Charlie’s house! Sometimes I find I’m more relaxed in a casual setting and that’s where I sing best.

Guitar and bass were recorded by Alan Mueller and Bobby Holland. It was co-produced and mixed by Fraser Moran and mastered by Nathan Chinn, so it’s definitely the most people I’ve had involved in a track! I have to admit, it paid off really well in my humble opinion…

Thank you to everyone that’s had a listen to the single, it really means a lot. Every single time it gets played I feel very grateful that I’m able to use music to communicate in this way.

I really feel like I’ve grown over the past year and “You Ain’t Good” is a representation of me being more honest with myself and my feelings. I’ve always found it hard to share and talk about the things that upset me, so writing music is my way of letting it all out.

“You Ain’t Good” holds different meanings for me when I apply it to different people. Sometimes it’s about the love interest that let me down, and other times it’s about a friendship that didn’t work out. I think “You Ain’t Good” holds multiple stories within the lyrics.

So, I hope that everyone can relate “You Ain’t Good” to someone they’ve had to leave behind in their past. It’s about admitting when somebody is wrong for you. When you take a step back and see that you’ve placed someone on a pedestal in your head, but that’s not reality.

I look at it as my way of letting go of someone – who I knew deep down – was wrong for me all along.

Listen to “You Ain’t Good” and stream it elsewhere here.

Words by Immi Dash // Follow her on Instagram + Twitter

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