WPGM Commentary: No5hade Wants To Trust The Process On ‘Temi’

Hello, my name is No5hade (pronounced as ‘No Shade’). I am a singer/songwriter based in the United States. Being a first-generation Nigerian-American has enabled my music to transcend many layers and genres. My latest single “Temi” is a testament to that.

“Temi” is a song about trusting oneself. As a musician or as a creative in general, it is hard trying to find that work life balance. One title always takes over the other. So it is never balanced. When I decided to write “Temi”, I was struggling to find that balance.

As an artist there are many days where I don’t have the will power or strength to create. It just doesn’t flow like it should. The creative process is tough but you have to find a way to trust the process and trust in yourself. This realization is what encouraged me to write “Temi”.

The phrase “Temi” comes from the Yoruba language which translates to ‘mine’ or ‘it’s mine.’ It’s often used in naming one’s child and attesting that the child was born into this world with something that is theirs. For example, “Temioluwa” means God is mine.

When I listened to the beat from DJayxero, I was instantly inspired. I met DJayxero in 2022. He is actually Rugers DJ and an amazing producer. Whenever he has something he thinks I’d like, he always sends it over and he is usually right that I will like it.

And so, the subtle but strong instrumentals automatically demanded attention. You could feel the emotion and forwardness of the instruments. It really spoke to me. After I listened to it a couple of times, the words began to flow.

The first verse is usually the hardest for me because it’s the beginning of an idea. The chorus is the easiest because I feel like the chorus is the main point of the song and once I can find the main point of the song, I can create the rest of it. After I nailed the chorus and the first verse, the rest is smooth sailing.

I love the song even more me cause I have relatives that it’s a unique body of work. There is not one song that is similar to it. The energy, the words, the meaning, and the vibe. It’s unique; and that is hard to find in todays world of musicians. Everything is starting to sound the same.

As I mentioned before, being a first-generation Nigerian-American has given me the ability to see music from various perspective. In such, I am able to mix alte, afro, and R&B to create a different sound that makes you feel the song in more ways than one.

When I received the final mix, because this song went through so many revisions, I was so happy. The original recording was not the best and I was losing hope that we would be able to revive it.

I already spent my studio budget for the month and had no intentions on re-recording a song that was already jam-packed with emotions; it just wouldn’t feel authentic anymore if I did.

I trusted my engineer to do some damage control and he produced such a beautiful mix. I think I cried when I heard it the first time.

“Temi” was the first song I recorded this year after overcoming the feeling that music wasn’t my calling. I was going through a lot and almost wanted to give up. “Temi” brought me back and that is why it means so much to me.

I hope you will enjoy listening to “Temi” as much as I have enjoyed creating it. I hope it inspires you to keep going after the things that are most important to you and to never lose hope. Enjoy!

Listen to “Temi” below and stream it everywhere else here

Words by No5hade // Follow her on Instagram + Twitter

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