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WPGM Commentary: Shaun Escoffery On His New Album ‘Strong Enough’ – Track By Track

My name is Shaun Escoffery and I have recently released my new album on Decca records and it’s called Strong Enough. This album is extremely personal to me as I feel that I have delved deeper in regards to lyrical and emotional content, its definitely my most honest work to date.

This album represents some of my life experiences my ups and downs and I’d like to take you through the tracks and explain the inspiration and thought processes behind each song.


“River” is a metaphor that represents life and the unpredictability of it. The song talks about how the current of life can sometimes be so strong that it can drag you under. You can feel like you’re completely out of control and drowning under the pressures of life.

But the upside is that you never have to face your problems alone and that you can draw strength spiritually, from loved ones family and friends, You’re never alone you can always get through to the other side.

“Forgotten Man”

This song is about pursuing your dreams and no matter what obstacles are in your way you will always find a way to reach your goals. Through hard work determination and a little bit of help, everything and anything is possible.

“Strong Enough”

This one simply means that love conquers all. And love in its purist form needs nothing to hold it up, needs nothing to support it, and needs nothing in return, it’s strong enough all by it self, hence the song title “Strong Enough”.


The sentiment of this song is saying that You might not have material wealth, influence or power, but if You love and are loved. You have everything.


This song represents what true friendship is all about. It talks about when a friend is in need. Whatever problems they’re facing a true friend will always be there through thick and thin.


This song talks about the decision to love somebody, knowing full well that there is a potential for that same person to hurt you down the line. You’re still making a conscious decision and fully prepared to take the risk, because they’re worth it.


This song has a faith and spiritual element to it. It describes those times in life when you’ve lost spiritual connection and speaks of that process of reconnection.

“With These Eyes”

This song speaks of a deep level of intimacy with someone that you’re truly in love with. A private language that only you both understand. A language spoken through the eyes.

“Need To Believe”

This one talks about no matter how strong you think you are. There will come a time when you hit rock bottom and you need someone or something to believe in and to draw strength from.


This song talks about how sometimes the road of life can be dark and its easy to lose your way.
The candle represents a light guiding every step that you take. It’s ok to take small steps.

“You Remind Me”

This song talks about a unique relationship. A depth of love that cannot be fathomed or even fully described. A soul mate that cannot be compared to anybody else.


“Surrender” speaks of a willing vulnerability. A place where you feel safe to show your true feelings.

Listen to my Strong Enough album below!

Words by Shaun Escoffery // Follow him on Facebook + Instagram

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