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WPGM Commentary: SixSaidIt Wants To Keep Her Options Open On ‘Choosey’

Hello! I go by the name of Six aka SixSaidIt aka the MF (H)it girl. I’m a British-Nigerian rapper and songwriter with an American accent and I love breaking the rules (especially in my music).

My new single “Choosey” is a song I wrote two years ago after having some fun with the idea of creating a player’s anthem for the gworls. It was inspired by the resurfacing of Petey Pablo’s 2003 guilty pleasure song, “Freek-a-Leek”, and DMX’s 1999 hit “What These Bitches Want” featuring Sisqo.

In the season of cuffing and settling down, I figured it was time to remind everyone that there’s nothing wrong with having options. Each bar and person mentioned was added at different times and while some of them were fictional and fun, others were inspired by my own roster at the time.

Once I had the concepts down, I knew it had to have a UK vibe to it because much like my other song “Code Switch,” I knew rapping in my British accent would awaken my confident dominant sexy alter ego. I kept flipping through beats on BeatStars.com and finally landed on a beat by British producer, BR Music.

I’ve always viewed AfroSwing as the more lighthearted division of rap in the UK, where artists are able to experiment more with the beat, get creative with their concepts, and most importantly, make people join in on the chorus and feel good.

That’s why I decided to go in that direction despite my favor to UK drill. In the end I wanted “Choosey” to become a female empowerment anthem, much like the songs it was inspired by, and to become a staple in every DJ’s set. That’s one of the many reasons I chose it to be a main single for my next upcoming project Outside II.

While Outside was an introduction to my background and its cultural influences on my music, the forthcoming sequel, Outside II, is an even more bold stance on claiming myself as a genre flexible rapper who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of what people consider hip-hop.

The twelve-song Outside II tracklist was inspired by my desire to make the perfect DJ set for multidimensional music lovers such as myself but also to create a cohesive playlist for people to also comfortably explore new sounds without feeling completely out of place.

In this project, I fuse a lot of different foundational elements to lure unsuspecting listeners in. That’s why “Choosey” was such a perfect lead single. Although I start the song in a traditional Afro Swing way, by the second verse, people are able to relate to one or two varying cultural references and are now determined to learn the rest of the lyrics.

The accompanying “Choosey” music video is a play on the American TV show The Dating Game which was a blind dating game show from the 1960s. I came up with the idea after coming across an In Living Color comedy sketch with Jamie Fox and Jim Carey on one of my late night YouTube binges that mimicked the show and its contestants.

I thought it would be the perfect concept to recreate for the “Choosey” video and that the lighthearted theme would provide a space to have fun with the song and for me to show more of my personality. Although I’m truly a lover girl at heart, “Choosey” is one of those songs that really wakes up my inner confidence and reminds me that I’m that bitch with options! Being able to finally share that feeling with everyone is super exciting.

I can’t wait for y’all to see the creativity behind my first ever music video and I am even more hyped for everyone to hear my new album, Outside II, available everywhere on October 6th. Don’t forget to pre-save it here xx

Watch the video for “Choosey” below.

Words by SixSaidIt // Follow her on Instagram + Twitter

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