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WPGM Commentary: Tomi Thomas On The Making Of His New EP ‘Hopeless Romantic’

Greetings to all benevolent light beings! I send you all my energy and love, my name is Tomi Thomas and I am one with the higher vibrations. I enjoy singing, songwriting, live performances and playing the guitar. I’ll be speaking on my new project The Hopeless Romantic EP and giving you all a deep dive into my dimension and what it took to give this project life.

The Hopeless Romantic EP is about love at its core. We are all trying to find our way back to the source, in the now. We only have this present moment. The first track “LOVE ME NOW” expresses this very need saying “please don’t love me later”.

I feel we all want to be loved and give love freely. I always say tailor your love to the needs of being you, choose to love and go free. This record came about very quickly at a writing camp with Tems and Spax; it is simply effortless truth captured in that moment.

The music on the project is a fusion of sounds, it’s soulful, afrobeats, dancehall and pop with songs like “HOPELESS ROMANTIC” giving the energy needed to groove and really dance as well as “HURRICANE” featuring the legend Buju Banton. These songs tell the tale of who I am and the depth of my emotions expressed from my perspective.

On “HURRICANE”, I played the guitar and sang with Genio who produced the record with me. We sang outside on the steps of GMK house in Magodo, Lagos.

It was in the morning and we were like “yo this is a great melody“, we went into the studio and an hour later, we came out with the first demo which was sent to Buju about a year later, and he sent his verse back within a few days it was magic literally. I’m grateful for that experience. God is great!

I worked on this project for about 3 years and we took our time picking at the records, they had to edify my soul and speak my truth in the now. With songs like “AGAIN”, we went back and forth on this record with Jason my A&R, he sent me the beat and asked me to restructure the verses I had put down, which I gladly did as I trust the man and yeah it came out amazing, it was a great process always – trust the process.

“WAITING” and “GOGO DANCER” are both special to me. They both took the longest time to finish and both had the most mixes after “HURRICANE”. It was like sculpting with these records and we worked on them for about a year each. The writing on these needed time to think and put life experiences into moments of bliss and pain. It’s a beautiful mix of true ecstasy.

I believe it’s important to immerse ourselves in the experience of the present moment and the music we created here gives a moment of peace and also excitement to the listeners so I can’t wait for you all to enjoy the vibrations we channelled from the higher realms…

My name is Tomi Thomas and I’m just a Hopeless Romantic! Listen to my EP below

Words by Tomi Thomas // Follow him on Twitter + Instagram

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