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WPGM Interviews: Feiertag – Creating Unique Music, Performing Live And ‘Bunraku’

Since 2015, Dutch producer Joris Feiertag has been behind the musical creation and alter ego of Feiertag – recording and performing music of a warm, electronic nature, with a preference for innovative syncopated rhythms, melodies and a good old vocal sample.

Now he is back and producing better than ever. Speaking to We Plug Good Music in a world exclusive interview, he discusses the release of his impressive collection of musical greatness with the Introspective EP, which includes his fantastic new track “Bunraku” featuring British singer David Harks. If this wasn’t already enough, we also have the exclusive video reveal for “Bunraku” right here!

The track, written about Japanese Taiko drums, combines emotive and chilling lyrics with gentle synths, addicting hooks and has already received support from French label Kitsune as one of their ‘Hot Streamed’ tracks.

He has teamed up with a very talented crew of musicians to perfect this creation, including Okke Punt and of course David Harks, so it’s no surprise that the Netherlands-based producer is getting such positive and encouraging responses due to his impressive and unique sounds that are really evident on this track.

Heads began turning in 2015 when Feiertag was played on Dutch national radio for the first time with his single “Damn You”, getting the ball rolling for the 29-year-old. Not only did the track receive international radio support and club support, but it also received massive support from hugely renowned DJs such as Pete Tong and The Magician. From this, things only went up, with Feiertag landing a handful of major live gigs such as Down the Rabbit Hole and Amsterdam Dance Event.

So where did it all begin? “At the age of 11 I started playing drums which got me totally into music and I was just set on being a drummer, DJ and keyboard player. Drums became the main focus, but when I started studying at the Conservatory that changed into overall producing. I studied drums at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and graduated in 2011.

From this, I started producing during my study and started drumming for the Dutch band Kraak & Smaak and from this I decided to start the Feiertag project with my first release being on Mike Mago’s BMKLTSCH Record Label. Not long after this happened, I performed for the first time at Amsterdam’s PITCH Festival”.

With Feiertag being a fairly new project, taking musical inspirations from Bonobo, Jamie XX and Caribou, he admits that there are sometimes struggles when it comes to being a musician, but mainly when it comes to finishing tracks, in his case.

When you’ve got that feeling that you have created something really special and you know you have to finish it, but you just don’t know how, yeah that’s a struggle”, but that doesn’t stop him creating beautiful and relaxing music and getting credit when it is deserved.

The big positive of being a producer is when the tracks you have created work well when performed live. When a crowd is responding great to the music, it is a massive compliment! I’m really proud of all the tracks I have released so far actually, it’s getting great support and feedback that definitely motivates me to make more music

That said, Feiertag is currently in the process of finishing a track which is set for release in November (yay!), working on an album which is planned for release in 2018 and preparing himself and his live sets for the Popronde 2017, which is a festival tour through the Netherlands that takes place over the winter.

I love performing live and my favourite show has to be the Paradiso show last year in Amsterdam. The venue was filled with good friends of mine, family and colleagues and it was also the first show that I had done with my good friend Camille, who plays electronics and synths in my live sets. Aside from this, my biggest festival highlights have to be PITCH Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event and Down The Rabbit Hole for sure”.

Unlike a lot of DJ’s in the music industry, Feiertag prefers to perform his tracks live instead of a DJ set up. “It’s something I feel more comfortable with performing the tracks I have created live, however, DJ’ing is seriously good fun! Since I’m a drummer, everything is rhythmically different from other artists and the fact I am able to record real drums and perform them live separates me from other artists”.

Music is not about the amount of likes and plays you get, but it’s about making something unique and totally you”. It’s a really great thing to see such a hard working and positive musician produce such enjoyable music that makes people want to groove and smile, so keep your eyes peeled for the music scouring out of this incredible producer.

Keep tabs on Feiertag: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Words by Mia Woloszczynska

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