WPGM Recommends: As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other (Album Review)

Hailing from High Wycombe, As Everything Unfolds hit you hard and fast with their chaotic debut album Within Each Lies The Other.

As Everything Unfolds are an upcoming six-piece who describe their music as chaotic. This post hardcore band fronted by lead singer Charlie Rolfe and accompanied by her band, drag you into their dark world of despair with their first full-length album Within Each Lies The Other.

Rolfe’s intense vocals and animalistic growls really show you what this band are all about. They set the tone of who they are and what they’re doing right from the first notes you hear.

An image is important for any band and they set this with their debut album, in this case we have the image of a bunch o badass musicians who have something to say and they’ll sing about it with no restraints whatsoever. This album is fast, heavy and definitely chaotic.

The album opens with “On The Inside”. It sounds like an edgy pop-punk/emo track and a perfect opener. It’s a belter of an introduction to this band as it instantly shows you the talent these guys possess and Rolfe’s incredible vocal range. This is the kind of song that shows you instantly that this band in undoubtedly onto something good.

“Wallow” was released as a single and is arguably the best track on there. It starts reminiscent of “Heavydirtysoul” by Twenty-One Pilots but then, the distorted guitars kick in and its very different but just as good as any Pilots song.

Rolfe’s vocals are really something to be admired. They’re soaring then intense and growling, then she’ll be screaming down the microphone. These guys keep you guessing at what’s coming next. “Wallow’s” lyrical content is dark and it makes you feel for Rolfe and the music accompanies the tone of the song perfectly.

“I’m Not The Only One” feels like it was inspired by grief and loss. It’s one of the heavier tracks and it’s angsty as hell. You really have to turn this one up loud to fully appreciate it as it’s the song that the mosh pits and circle pits will really open up to in future gigs. It is full of energy and you can really appreciate how much effort these guys put into their music and their craft.

“Wither” closes the album, and it starts much slower than the others but it is just as powerful with big hooks and swooping singalong choruses. It has a certain sense of vulnerability running through out and its very cathartic as we can hear Rolfe yearning for a simpler time and how she wants to “go back”. It’s a jarring song to end on but is perfect.

This is an incredible introduction into As Everything Unfolds. They’re such a young band but the songs they’re producing are absolute top notch and its impossible not to fall in love with everything these guys do. They have a knack for writing catchy earworm hooks and the songs stand out like an exposed nerve showing how raw and honest the band are in their songwriting.

This band is on top form right now and by the end of this album, you will have formed an emotional connection to these songs and for that we thank you As Everything Unfolds.

Within Each Lies The Other by As Everything Unfolds is out now via Long Branch Records, purchase it here and listen to it below.

Words by Louis Suffill

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