WPGM Recommends: Bitter’s Kiss – Bitter’s Kiss (EP Review)

Singer-Songwriter Chloe Baker was bound to inherit some of her talent from her musical home and family, but the teenager has managed to create her own unique sound with her strong vocals, and mature and emotional lyrics. Growing up in New Jersey, Chloe was constantly surrounded by music with a home recording studio, extensive guitar collection and a father who plays regularly in bands and remains active in Musical Theatre after many years.

Taking the name Bitter’s Kiss, Chloe and her father work together to record and produce incredible music that showcases her multiple talents with vocals, piano and guitar. Taking music seriously for the past few years, Chloe uses songwriting as a form of diary, managing to capture deep and emotional times about family and life, successfully turning them into meaningful tracks that put across her thoughts at the time and an everlasting musical time capsule.

Working with her father over the past few months, they have released several tracks online, that have so far received a greatly positive reception and encouragement for Chloe to continue her hard work to showcase such a young talent. In March, the pair released the debut self-titled 8-track EP, featuring earlier released music along with brand new tracks and is available for download now via their official website.

Stand out track “Already Gone“, with lyrics like, “but money is only a temporary distraction“, it really does shine the light on Chloe’s shaping lyrical ability and maturity. The addition of light echoey guitar riffs that sit in the background of the mix, coming in at the end of the vocal line in the chorus, contribute to the hook and depth of the track, which is a really nice subtle touch. All the instruments come together nicely in the mix in a way that supports Chloe’s vocals, so that the meaning behind the song can be clearly heard by the listener.

The EP’s opening track “Bitter’s Kiss” adopts the name of the project, which tells a story of happy, confusing and sometimes frustrating times that come with falling in love and being in a relationship. The switches back and forth between being completely happy with someone then disheartening, conflicts with them or how Chloe perfectly sums it up “sour and sweet“. The short bridge after the second chorus, is a delightful addition that chills out the track further transitioning to the third verse and helps building up to the next chorus.

Lovin’ Life“, is a short and upbeat extension to the EP. This is where the help on production from her father comes especially into play, proving a electronic based backing in the place of drums, bass and guitar. Conveying a happy image that can also be heard in Chloe’s lyrics about being grateful and proud of her life so far. Taking a step back to the fifth track on the collection named “The Rope“, accompanied by the music video that provides more imagery to the song. Carrying a strong message that sadly came from a suicide in the family who came from a very religious background, and talks about finding something personally significant to make life meaningful and Staying true to one’s identity.

The EP closes with “Too Far Too Fast“, the track is an emotional track where Chloe recounts and reflects on watching her older sister going away to college (Or university) and how quickly time seems to slip past. Whilst wishing her sister well on her journey, it was obviously a hard transition for the whole family, so get your tissues ready. While this review doesn’t cover all of the songs that feature in the full length EP, all in all, the Bitter’s Kiss EP is an emotional roller coaster from joy, love, pain, sorrow and massive achievement for Chloe. Make sure that you support the talent of young Chloe Baker, her father and Bitter’s Kiss by purchasing the EP via iTunes here.

Words by Jenny Woollett

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