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WPGM Recommends: Kwamz and Flava – Deyaaa EP

Deyaaa EP
If you’ve been keeping close to the UK Afrobeats scene, you should have heard one or two things about Kwamz and Flava by now. The fast-rising Ghanaian duo has been causing a stir in UK Afrobeats music for a little while now, with songs like “It’s A Motive”, “I Love My Life”, “Wo Onane No” (and even “All Types Of Bread” if you want to throw it way back), receiving a lot of love and support from various music platforms,  and their growing fanbase.  Now with their first EP Deyaaa out now, Kwamz and Flava are proving to be the names that you need to put on your radar.

The 8-track EP kicks off with the appropriately named “Intro (Are You Ready)“. The name says it all, ‘Intro’ really is a quick introduction into the typical Kwamz and Flava sound. Yes, the pair stay true to their Afrobeats, but Kwamz and Flava aren’t shy about throwing in the synth sound that is heard throughout this EP. Think lots of echo, lots of autotune (but not an unbearable amount) and a more laidback tempo; that’s what this intro song is essentially getting you ready for. You can tell straight away from this track that this music isn’t your everyday ‘Ko Mo Le’; it’s Afrobeats, but just a bit wavier.

If this is the kind of music that you like, then listen out for “She Likes Me” and “No Joke”. Both are pretty decent tracks but the hook on “No Joke” – produced by BiZ – makes the latter slightly catchier. They’re definitely the types of track that will grow on you if you’re not feeling them straight away, but with this level of chill on a record it almost depends purely on what mood you’re in.

“She Likes Me”:

On a more romantic note, Kwamz and Flava show their sweet side on “Ride or Die”. Made by K Billionz, this love song is a dedication to that special girl that has been loyal to the end, and as such, is likely to go down well with more than a few couples listening. On the opposite side of love, the track “Over” featuring Sona could easily be same song when you first listen to the beat and melody, until you realize that’s it’s actually about breaking up. But the song is so upbeat and the chorus is so catchy, that it almost makes you want to call up your girlfriend/boyfriend singing, “the ting is oover, ting is ooover, make you go aaaway!” (But don’t do that).

Also on the EP is the track “GaGa” featuring Mista Silva and King Zion. Now ‘GaGa’ is a Ghana track for real! The rhythm is undeniable, and with Kwamz and Flava urging you to “dance like it’s your last party”, if you don’t feel your knees bending and shoulders jumping to this, then you need to hit replay a few more times! You almost have no choice to be honest, because after just one play this song will be living in your head for a while. This is the first time producer King Zion has featured on a record but Mista Silva is of course recognisable with his “eybabaah” humming in the background.

Kwamz and Flava couldn’t forget about that banger “Wo Onane No”. Arguably Kwamz and Flava’s most popular song, “Wo Onane No” (which means ‘lift your leg up’) has been a fan favourite ever since it came out this summer. The song is still going strong, and has prompted video responses all over YouTube and Vine with people attempting to do the ‘Wo Onane No’ dance. Produced by BoatzMadeIT, the beat on this one is addictive and is worth checking out if you haven’t heard it already.

“Wo Onane No”:

What’s the verdict on Deyaaa then? Kwamz and Flava deliver some proper UK Afrobeats music – not Nigerian, not Ghanaian but UK Afrobeats and the difference in sound is clear. It definitely is a little more chilled, a little more wavy, and if that’s the type of music that you like, then put this EP on your list. But generally there is a good mix of songs on there, and whilst some stand out more than others (as is expected), both long-time fans and newcomers will find something they can do a little dance to.

Purchase: Kwamz and Flava – Deyaaa EP (iTunes)

Words by Tomi Olujide // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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