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Different alias and side projects make up the many talents and works of Chaz Brundick, from the “chillwave” master of Toro Y Moi to a collection of his works under the side project name as Different Sides Of Chaz, and Brundick has reinvented himself again. Introducing Les Sins, the new puesdo of dance has emerged!

Skilled and accomplished, it was back in 2010 that Brundick’s first alter-ego, Toro Y Moi brought his sensual array of chilled vibes to the masses with debut album Causers Of This, a distinct sound of alluring “chillwave” and intoxicating, refreshing remedies of pure summer. We thought we had Brundick sussed, a craftsman of this chillwave and a categorical maestro, following the release of 2011 Underneath The Pine and 2013 Anything In Return albums.

His sound was affirmative, audibly Brundick’s previous work was so recognizable, as his music embodied everything ‘chill’. A year later, we witness the new unveiling of Brundick, a new sound, ‘the dance side project’ of the curious Les Sins in new album Michael. Come and basque in the allure of Les Sins’ most experimental and chilled sunset tunes, lingering on the darker side and out until the early hours. Michael is the wild child of Toro Y Moi, rebellious and disobedient and gloriously unruly!

Imagine the smooth vocals of Justin Timberlake but even more soothing and sexy, over a funky, fresh ‘summer time’ disco-esque production and “Why” is that track, encapsulating everything summer. A track that transcends you straight into the warmth of the suns rays, so smooth and sensual, whilst Nate Salman’s vocals pertube, so mesmerising. Brundick takes us back in time, as very reminiscent 90’s sounds prevail throughout, while the old skool keys offer a silky, sleek dance feel as this is a song of great proportions.


Soft and calming it definitely is, a refreshing, breath of fresh air as it flutters so effortlessly, taking us on a journey of musical reveries of bliss. Serene in its production, this is a stand-out track by far, still instilling fragments of previous Toro Y Moi of the flush of summer. Velvety and tranquil, “Why”is everything and more, chilled poolside music, a cocktail of the most desiring.

This is an album where Brundick is free to be at his most experimental and “Minato” definitely manifests this. A track of sheer perplexities, it is almost as if Brundick is exhibiting all his ideas on this one track, the curator of this musing art form. Juxtaposed with the previous track, “Minato” exudes this industrial feel, so explorative with intriguing elements and alluring, dark dimensions. A contingent production, so much happening on “Minato”, and we don’t know what is going to happen next, as everything spirals in and out continually.


There is no safety net here, this is daring as a continual driving beat sweeps throughout, underlaying a hypnotic, sedative track of discovery into ‘the new’. It begins quite soft and pleasing, giving the impression this will be a luxurious chilled track, I think not! A pensive beat, a great turn around of unpredictability featuring a crossfire of different turns and shapes. So organic in the production, raw as you can feel the core, a twister catupulted straight from the depths of Brundick’s very soul.

Deep into the darkened productions of Brundick, in the inky mist, “Drop” transpires, a kaleidoscope of entangled sounds fused together with these eerie/spooky beginnings of a de-tuned guitar adding this haunting feel. It has this break-beat meets lo-fi jungle sound, again Brundick taking us back in time, constantly developing and experimenting with old and new sounds and this is a track opaque in chilling, dark dimensions. A quizzical headrush with blurring reveries – lost and mystifying ruminations make for an intoxicating feel, dazed and unconscious sweeping throughout.


If you were expecting a quintessential Toro Y Moi impressionism on Michael, well you might have a shock, as this album has all the dark murmurings of a more expressive, experimental feel. The name says it all, Les Sins – the dark and sinful productions of a Brundick taking more risks musically, reinventing himself. This album is a brand new facet to this illusive character and it captures a colossal array of influences, with Brundick being at his most free. A curious album on the peripheral from favoured “chillwave”, edgy, feisty and the darker side to the charming innocence – Michael is a different species and it owns it!

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Words by Melanie John // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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