WPGM Recommends: Muni Long – Public Displays Of Affection Too (EP Review)

“Hrs And Hrs”, the adoration tipsy focal point of her 2021 EP Public Displays of Affection, took seasoned vocalist and musician Muni Long, who has composing credits for Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, and Ariana Grande, among others, from the studio to the stage and made her one of the biggest names in R&B last year.

On Public Displays Of Affection Too, the aptly titled sequel project to her Public Displays Of Affection EP from last year, Muni Long demonstrates her intrinsic capacity to narrate Black love with pinpoint precision.

The new R&B star sings across the EP about the fact that it is so natural to supplant a reluctant darling (“Another”), the strength of her abilities to lovemaking (“Crack”), and the degree of material things her consideration is worth (“Cartier”).

This new 5-track project is the clever development to her 2021 EP Public Displays of Affection and her breakout hit “Hrs and Hrs”. The project comes through Muni’s own label Supergiant Records in partnership with Def JamRecordings, and is led by lead singles “Pain” and “Another”.

The songs on this new project give off heartbreak, but at the same time, it makes a listener want to dance. It’s a whole vibe all by itself. Her songs are catchy. She reminds me of what it is like to listen to a combination of old school and new school R&B.

Although her voice is more versatile, she has a broader range. Muni Long sings about those issues that women only address or speak about in sad songs. However, she brings light to those issues instead of eating up our feelings as women. She wants us to have fun with our girls.

There is nothing better than Muni Long’s voice on a song like “Another”. With her vocals, she truly defines R&B. Known for her catchy hooks and transcendent ways, her runs take listeners on a journey to another world. Throughout her music, you can hear R&B and a constant sound, with her music videos displaying her sensual and sultry ‘bad B’ energy.

As Muni Long sings of a relationship that has seen ups and downs, she taps into her specialized vocal runs on the second single “Pain”. A music video alongside Tony Bowen marks the singer-songwriter’s debut as a director. Throughout the clip, picture frames and broken dishes litter the floor of her once happy home.

With Muni fully clothed in the shower and on the verge of having a nervous breakdown, the drama continues. She drowns her sorrows in alcohol and junk food, and then goes on an emotional rollercoaster. As she sits up from the couch, however, she gradually gathers herself together. Since her other wig got wet, she puts on a freakum dress and a brand-new wig as you do.

When she is ready to head out, she takes a phone call that makes her pause, but doesn’t slow her pace. Clearly, this masterpiece represents the essence of what good music should sound like. The vocals march perfectly with the beat. Your playlist should definitely include this well-crafted song. You won’t regret giving it a listen.

This song, “Baby Boo” has my 16-month-old baby sister jamming to it. The song’s bouncy, adorable, and uptempo sound will catch the attention of tons of people. It’s hard not to keep listening to Muni Long’s soulful vocals, with the help of rising rap star Saweetie, who brings her rap flare to the fore,

The summer is definitely going to belong to Muni Long, and she’s on the up and up with this baddie of a song. With Muni Long’s shimmering vocals and Saweetie’s charismatic energy, it’s a perfect soundtrack for those summer flings over the next few months.

In the video’s opening scene, the songstress is shown swiping through dating app BLK in the background as she listens to “Hrs and Hrs”. The song begins with Muni and her girls dancing in front of a snack truck manned by a very handsome guy who is the singer’s husband in real life.

In a bright green room, Saweetie and her potential boo play strip basketball. As soon as we return to Saweetie and Muni, we see a step show where women and men demonstrate their skills. The video ends just as Muni gives the final notes to the song from the stage. She doesn’t let them have too much time in the spotlight, however.

It’s quiet hard not to enjoy such a vibe filled song about her vibrant demeanor, which evokes the joys of falling in love as she sings about her intense feelings for her lover.

The second to the last song on the EP is titled “Crack” and it sees Muni telling her boo that he needs to be sure he’s serious about her, as she tells him that her love isn’t something he can ignore.

A bass synthesizer drives the mid-tempo track where she compares her love with the highly addictive drug. When it comes to singing, Muni doesn’t hold back and it is amazing, with Muni long ending with the below lyrics, reminding us that some men only want one thing; reminding us that some men/women are not mature enough to see the whole you, and not what lays between your legs.

Have you on the track (Keep you comin’ back) / Keep you comin’ back / Straight crack / You think (you think) I’m a lot (lot) / Said you won’t know unless you give it a try (you give it a try) / You think (woah) I’m a lie (oh, yeah) / Said you won’t know unless you give it a try (yee-hee, hee-hee)

“Cartier”, the final song on Public Displays Of Affection Too, finds Muni attempting to gauge whether her love interest is pursuing her for her body or for her true feelings, and she has no problem informing him that her affections come at a cost.

A mellow guitar riff and minimal bassline support Muni’s verses over a subdued beat. As Muni professes her love for Cartier’s expensive jewelry in the chorus, the drum beat drops, bringing the song to life.

In a sense, Muni considers Public Displays Of Affection Too to be a continuation of her previous 2021 EP. With clever lyrics and solid R&B throughout, the songs either deal with unhappiness in a current relationship or managing expectations in a potential new one.

She has earned her recognition in the music industry and along the way contributed to the success of others, so we are thrilled to see her succeed.

Listen to Muni Long’s Public Displays Of Affection Too below.

Words by Onika Sileku

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