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WPGM Recommends: Tinashe – 333 (Deluxe) (Album Review)

Gracing us with her angelic voice, the multi-talented 28-year old artist, dancer, actress and songwriter, Tinashe has graciously served us with her 333 (Deluxe) album, an extended edition of her 2021 album, which was independently released in August 2021.

Released on March 3, the deluxe edition adds four additional tracks to Tinashe’s fifth studio album and her second independent album by her own record company, Tinashe Music.

333 symbolises an angel number, which corresponds to making the right choices in life when it comes to your protection, love and destiny. In a recent interview she said, “I named it 333 because I really felt like I was on the right path, in alignment with what I was meant to do. I just wanted to acknowledge that”.

An assertion that I personally feel couldn’t be more accurate, as with her independence, this album blessed us with alternative R&B sound from Tinashe, with touches of EDM, IDM and pop music, as well as a flare of video game sounds, if one listens tentatively.

The highly anticipated studio album consists of 20 tracks, which feature Jeremih, Kaytranda, Kaash Paige, Wax Motif, Buddy, Quiet Child and Kudzai. With such an array of artists to accompany her soulful voice, it comes as no surprise that 333, appeared on Rated R&B’s best R&B albums of 2021 list.

“Let Go”, the album’s opening track is an impressive 1:53 minutes, which really leaves you on a cliff hanger wanting more. It talks about “going home”, where she’s happier and let’s just say home is where the heart is and sometimes where we all need to go back to, to find ourselves again and just centre ourselves.

“Shy Guy” personally gives me an edge of Billie Eilish vibes, while the lyric, “you could be here sipping me right out” should be every woman’s new caption on Instagram – I’m about to go use that right now!

My personal favourite is “Something Like A Heartbreak”, where Tinashe sings about, “You don’t deserve my love”, and if you’ve ever had your heart broken after putting all your effort into someone, you definitely know how she feels.

This is the perfect song to get over someone who truly didn’t deserve you and I love the line she served us with, “Now I’m finally growing, I’m another woman, holding onto hope, not hopeless” because it’s a revelation and a breakthrough, not holding onto something that’s negative and not meant for you, and being full of hope again. This song really defines the album’s title.

I suggest you go listen to “Bouncin”, right now and dance like nobody’s watching because this is a real banger. The music video is no different, as it really showcases Tinashe’s dance skills. She really is the definition of saucy.

I also think that “Undo (Back To My Heart)” is one to add, not only to your favourites playlist, but to the ‘you’re in love’ one as well. A song about letting go of your pride and actually being with the person you know your heart wants. That even though you focus on yourself they find their “way back to your heart”, and they’re “what I want”. This one definitely makes you believe in love.

Sometimes though we need to realise the person that we want doesn’t deserve us and that’s when it’s time to call it a “Wrap”, which is the sixteenth track on this album featuring Kudzal and Quiet Child, the line “I swear I’m through” says enough.

Wherever you are right now, you should go grab your speaker or air pods and listen to this album on repeat because whether you need to get over a heartbreak, feel like a boss again or just dance away all day, this album really offers something for everybody… oh and go check out the artsy and unique music videos while you’re at it!

Tinashe’s 333 (Deluxe) album is out now via Tinashe Music, listen to it below and purchase it here.

Words by Abigale Du Plessis

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