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WPGM Commentary: LYHZ Desires Relationships That Truly Last On ‘Temporary’

Hi, my name is Lyhz (pronounced Liz) I am an R&B artists from Toronto! Despite what many think upon first listen, my release “Temporary”, isn’t even really about a love in the romantic sense. In an ironic sense, “Temporary” and its title was inspired by the positions I often held in jobs, as a temporary/contract worker.

I penned the song in 2022 when feeling bouts of discouragement having recently graduated from university. While in the pandemic, I was extremely fortunate to have gained experience through internships, my disappointment came in having to navigate how short-lived these experience were despite all the work and dedication I put into my time at different jobs. I often felt I was “here on the first” of the month and “gone by the last” in a never ending cycle of contract positions and fleeting moments.

In the same sense, while I was also starting new jobs, I often felt isolated in this period, as I was building relationships and friendships with people that I never got a real chance to get acquainted with people because I felt trapped in what I felt was a revolving door of constant hellos and goodbyes.

While in life we have to accept certain people, opportunities and relationships run their course, “Temporary” is a reflection of what many people like myself desire – relations and opportunities that truly last and aren’t just here for a moment.

The creation of the song was different than my typical process. Unlike my debut single “Enough”, I wrote and composed the song’s melody without a beat, just acapella, where I have in the past composed a song to a beat. My producer, James Isibor, really helped me bring me desire for a song that sounds reminiscent of early 2000s R&B sound to life, crafting production the melody I created.

For example, he leaned into shakers and acoustic drum kits throughout the percussion, and a bass guitar medley for the scales in the prechorus which gave the song a nostalgic feel. I’m a really big fan of old school R&B, specifically the vocal bible herself Brandy who is one vocalist and lyricist I draw inspiration from.

I had “When You Touch Me”, a song off of her 2003 project Full Moon on repeat and particularly loved the stacked vocal techniques and layering that is prevalent in that song and her discography, so that really inspired parts of the chorus in “Temporary”.

Classical and orchestral music have also been a big influence in the production styles I lean towards. I’m a lover of classical music and jazz, and I wanted that to be reflected in the sonic stylings. Within the post – production for the bridge and outro there are string crescendos and decrescendos incorporated, giving the song subtle orchestral elements.

My writing and storytelling style is a little unconventional, because I find I can never write a second verse lol! I almost always end the song completely skipping a second verse, and jump straight into a bridge and end chorus because I feel I need to say everything on my mind in those parts.This was how “Temporary” was written, but expanding on my lyrical abilities is something I am working on for future releases.

The best part of the release was getting creative with the visuals! The cover artwork shot by photographer Dylan Reid, was inspired by my favourite music videos like Mary J Blige’s “Be Without You” and Mya’s “Fallen” and Brandy’s release “Full Moon” where the ambience was moody and sensual and was shot in a way that left the artists in a such a beautiful glow, really showcasing their natural beauty.

I hope it really portrays the beauty you can sometimes find in your loneliness, selfreflection and introspection.
I opted to release a short trailer and announcement video for the video for this single, rather than a full music video but got the chance to shoot the visuals in both New York city during my time there in March of this year and my home in downtown Toronto.

Inspired by my favorite era of film and television, the visual directed by the talented Parnika Raj and filmed by Xavier Samuels (Saemoul), was one we hoped would be reminiscent of the iconic shows and movies like The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Sex and the City and Ugly Betty, which not only artfully showcased the fast paced and sometimes lonely big city, but stylish, glossy fashions that not continue to inspire my style today!

Despite the weather being terrible when we shot in New York, and the unexpected downpour causing us to have to shoot the remaining scenes back in Toronto, it was really amazing to be able to shoot my first visuals alongside Parnika and Sam and really bring my song to life.

While the visuals have an element of simplicity, showcasing me strutting in Manhattan’s 5th Avenue, Time Square, and Toronto’s Financial District, they serve as a representation of how quickly life around is moving, with passing moments often leaving us with the feeling we are alone in a crowd.

Despite the melancholy of the song’s inspiration and the visuals, it is my hope that Temporary serves as a reminder to listeners that there is empowerment beyond disappointment. This is reflection on the power of letting go all that is Temporary and uncertain, to make room for the acceptance that growth is moving on from short-term situations and relationships.

It is only when we let go of things that don’t serve us, do we give ourselves space to find and accept everything we are truly destined for. Sometimes letting go means being ok to stand on your own for a while, while you wait on something or someone truly worthwhile.

You can find my visualizer for “Temporary” below and stream the single here.

Word by Lyhz // Follow her on Instagram + TikTok

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