WPGM Recommends: Meresha – New Revolution (EP Review)

It can’t be too coincidental that Warsaw-born Florida-resident Meresha has the first ever world music music premiere on fast-growing and ground-breaking social media website Tsu, considering the title track of her new EP New Revolution sounds like it could be the theme music to their advertising campaign.

Already in the millions after its launch in October, Tsu aims to be a new revolution by calling themselves the first “socially responsible social network” and rewards its invited-only community with royalties if they continue to grow its world and share advertising posts. Although the website describes the methodologies as “a network growing relationships”, which makes it seem more friendly and allows a greater ease for musical lyrics to fit metaphorically like in the case of Meresha.

New Revolution” feels like the poster song for the website’s ethos considering it promotes positivity and ambition, and suggests at the financial help, Tsu aids musicians, such as Meresha herself, who has benefited from its services in comparison to streaming options or pay-to-publicize schemes. Lines such as: “Music revolution is here today, revolution is breaking through” show warrior spirit and an insurgent character.

Yet there is also another incentive, which is to celebrate the idea that musicians are beginning to compose and produce their own art in freedom with a verse that appears oxymoronic with its title: “bringing music back to the past” and “dusty boombox only knows my name”. Keyboards press like Hot Chip’s “One Life Stand”, and contribute to the planetary backdrops of Meresha’s Americanized raps, genre-bending composition and punchy beats as she delivers her Magna Carta of music principles.

Meresha is a visionary symbol for the optimistic and efficient freethinkers of this generation. Rather than grow scared or lost in the clutter of over-selective binary, she has accepted platforms of social media for creative gain ever since her successful Kickstarter campaign (relating back to chain-less musical freedom ideology), and that’s why it’s no surprise she welcomes newbies Tsu into her life. The science-fiction artwork for her EP New Revolution, her vegan attribute, her extra-terrestrial confession and her mission plan to “take over the world” pushes her ambition concept into exciting and rebel-fueled territories.

In her lyrics, she paints utopian scenes as if promised by the divine Maria in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. A chillwave and “concrete paradise” complete with liquid bliss called “Lemonade City” that promises “to take all your worries away”, and encourages interaction: “come with us to be cool and set the world away”. Whilst the listener is notified of a vacancy for a top hierarchy position as the king and queen of her visions. A voice that travels around the galaxy between Lorde and Kelela, it has megaphonic variations that aid an image associated with Janelle Monae’s alter ego Cindy Mayweather but in a less cold metallic fashion and is benevolent like a track from relevantly-named Brooklyn band Lemonade’s collection.

The EP is a fusion of zeitgeist beats applicable to today’s music trends and “You” jumps on the dream pop wagon with it’s echoey wave of Purity-ring-esque synth electricity but it’s matched with the smooth tempo and calm voice of nocturnal alternative R&B acts Banks, Brika and Tinashe and self-confessed inspiration of Disclosure and post-dub-step act James Blake. It’s very enchanting, ear-catching and significant and wouldn’t seem out-of-place on a hipster YouTube channel or in an early 20s-demographic-targeted clothes store.

The best is saved to last as “August” is an addictive and sophisticated blend of acid jazz keyboards, steady basslines and builds from ambient house, balladry voice, Hendrix wah-wahs and spacey swirls. The powerful description: “you’re eyes like skies they’re amber”, is also well placed because, among the obvious connotations with the leaf-dropping season, the colour is associated with strength and purpose, courage and personal development. “Autumn” is timeless but unfortunately ends too soon. Although, it’s safe to say that Meresha’s revolution and footprint on the music industry has just begun.

Meresha’s New Revolution EP is out now, purchase it on iTunes here.

Words by Matt Hobbs

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